May 3, 2010

Naturally Loved: Part Nineteen

Reliance on products instead of proper hair care techniques can get in the way of a healthy hair and scalp. We see so many products and companies directed to helping us achieve our favourite hair styles and want to try them out, I know sometimes I want to. Most times excess products in our routine can work against our hair instead of helping. To me simple is best and I have learned so much over the past two years. Just this past month I did a major trim and feel that I've done a second big chop even though my hair is about 6 inches at the longest sections.

When I first went natural I thought I needed to use heavy creams and butters to just make my hair feel soft and moisturized, I was wrong, conditioners, oils and a little shea butter go a long way! The new routine I'm trying out relies heavily on oils and conditioner to keep my hair moisturized with shea butter added throughout the week when my hair needs a moisture boost. I think the idea that our hair can be soft with the use of one to two products is still a fresh idea for some naturals who use many products throughout the week on there hair and scalp. Listen to your hair, it will tell you what it likes and dislikes. The process may take a while but the benefits outweigh a continued cycle of asking why hair is brittle, dry, breaking, and why your scalp is so itchy.

I've learned that our hair is reactionary, for example a person's hair suddenly becomes brittle because of a new product. The hair is telling the person that the product being used doesn't agree and to stop using it. Sometimes we need to take a step back and listen to our hair, use proper hair care techniques and use as few products as possible.

Happy Growing,


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Anonymous said...

My hair is so, so soft.

This past weekend all I did was co-wash with one conditioner and use my whipped shea butter as a leave-in (in sections), with a tad of ORS Lock/Twist Gel to set my twists.

I've maintained it by using Nourish & Shine before retwisting at night. Thanks its. Soft, soft 'fro.