April 5, 2010

Critique: Mahogany Queen's Honey Coconut Shea

I had the opportunity to try out Mahogany Queen's Honey Coconut Shea which is a moisturizing hair cream. According to Mahogany Queen it can also double as a skin moisturizer. The texture of the cream is somewhat like a custard with a medium texture (not too thick and not light). The Honey Coconut Shea has a distinct lemongrass scent that lingered after I applied it to my hair and the scent reminded me of Carol's Daughter Hair Milk ... (smelling it again) ... it smells just like Carol's Daughter Hair Milk.

When I first emulsified the cream between the pads of my fingers it melted quickly and at first was quite oily. Within ten minutes the majority of the cream absorbed into my hair and the oiliness became minimized. I see multiple uses for this cream, using it as a pre-poo treatment, a deep conditioner and as a daily light moisturizer would be fun to play around with.

Ingredients: shea, coconut oil, coconut cream, honey, avocado oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, extra virgin olive oil, essential oil fragrance

Shea butter is the first ingredient listed along with honey not far behind which I found quite interesting. I can see the reasoning behind this choice since there are many naturals who avoid vegetable glycerin because of the drying effects it has on their hair. The honey added a stickiness to my hair and hands, now this works two ways in my hair. The stickiness from the honey can help to slick down my hair but can also attract build up on my hair and scalp, so it comes down to how do you wear your hair and how do you maintain it; do you wash frequently, do you go to the gym on a regular basis, do you wear your hair in loose styles, etc. All the variables any natural can come up with will determine how any product will work in their hair.

Amazingly, this product brought me back to the results I got from Qhemet Biologics Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm, the feel in my hair and on my hands was the same and so was the level of oil absorption from my hair of the product. This product is open to so many possibilities and I can't wait to see what Mahogany Queen will come up with next.

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