August 31, 2009

i-D Magazine: Pretty Young Things

i-D Magazine's September 2009 issue features models Chanel, Sessilee, Jourdan and Arlenis titled Pretty Young Things, I can't wait to get my hands on this issue. I'm happy to see women of colour being more visible in the fashion industry. Below I've posted the promotional video and you can also visit i-D Magazine here for more info.

Books: Thank God I'm Natural

Thank God I'm Natural-The Ultimate Guide to Caring For and Maintaining Natural Hair by Chris-Tia Donaldson addresses the journey of relaxed hair to accepting our natural tresses as God created it.


THANK GOD I'M NATURAL is a must-read for any black woman who has suffered hair loss or breakage caused by relaxers -- or has grown tired of spending thousands of dollars and their entire Saturday afternoons frying their kinky tresses into submission. Full of personal tales -- of hair disasters and ultimate successes, THANK GOD I'M NATURAL offers thorough and extremely modern and up to date information -- and a plethora of tips to help women go natural the right way. Featuring the advice of celebrity stylists for Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, and Erykah Badu (among others), readers will get ALL the information they 've always needed -- to look good on the outside and most importantly, feel good on the inside. You won t want to do your hair again until you've read this lifesaving, reference book and heartfelt narrative from cover to cover! (source)

Visit Chris-Tia at her website and blog here.

Solange and Q-Tip in NYC

Solange and Q-Tip attended the Michael Jackson birthday celebration in New York City recently, looking good Solange.

August 29, 2009

Post Nu Kynk Avocado Treatment

I just thought I would post some pictures of my hair set after the Nu Kynk Avocado Treatment, my hair feels so soft. These are the products I used on my hair and scalp while setting my bantu knots:
Kiss My Face Big Body Conditioner (Leave-In)
Shea Butter (Moisturizer)
WiseWays Herbals Crowning Glory Hair & Scalp Cream (Scalp)

Hair Care: Nu Kynk Avocado Treatment

This morning was the second time in two weeks I did my Nu Kynk Avocado Treatment, and my hair is loving it! I get amazing curl definition (alot of clumping), hydration and my hair is manageable.
Nu Kynk Avocado Treatment*

In a bowl mix:
2 small to medium sized avocados
1/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/3 cup Black Strap or 100% Natural Molasses

Peel the skin off the avocados and remove the seeds with your hands. The avocados should be soft to touch, if they are not ripe it will be difficult to use them for this recipe. Place avocados in a bowl and mash with a fork or blend with a hand held mixer for 2 to 3 minutes. Stop when a creamy paste and add in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, mix gently until combined. Add in the Black Strap Molasses and also gently combine.

Thoroughly cleanse hair of all product residue and dirt. Than add in the Nu Kynk Avocado Treatment. Message into roots and length of hair until completely saturated. Cover with a conditioning cap, it is optional to use heat. Let sit for 30 minutes to an hour and than rinse and set as usual.
* All measurements are approximate using baking measurement utensils

The recipe is for hair that is 8 or more inches long and/or that is very thick. If your length of hair is shorter like a TWA to about 6 inches in length simply cut the recipe in half. Use 1 avocado, and adjust the amount of oil and molasses you are comfortable with.

My hair was VERY easy to detangle with my wide tooth comb and stayed incredibly manageable and soft throughout the week, I love this recipe!
Justify Full

August 26, 2009

Shuantae1: Texture Talk part2 The Truth About Relaxers

Shuantae1 has posted another one of her inspirational videos and I LUV IT!!! Education is power, let's educate ourselves and keep pushing the truth.

August 25, 2009

Being Natural Is Natural

Many of you are in transition, learning about your natural hair and growing as an individual with it. You are transforming into a new you. Your natural hair is just that - natural. It is who you are. We place so much emphasis on the products that we use when embracing our hair that we may miss the journey in front of us.

Recently, I've watched a few You Tube videos, read some articles and of course followed a few natural hair care companies and a complaint that is surfacing is many of the businesses we support and rely on to maintain our hair are taking advantage of our 'need' by raising prices unwarranted. Now, I can understand where some of these companies are coming from which will remain nameless, and I definitely understand where a sista is coming from when she has a choice between groceries or a styling product, which one would you choose?

Taking advantage of our desire for manageable hair boils down to a few aspects:

1. The natural hair movement is a revolution which means demand has increased.

2. Companies are concerned with profit. Some companies change formulations to make the product cheaper to produce and keep the price the same, others keep the formulation the same and raise the price and some companies do both.

I must admit that the prices of some products on the market are ridiculous and if bought are seen as a splurge. Obviously, the natural hair market doesn't have enough hair companies since if they did the competition would bring down the prices of many products we love. I do not need a bottle of $50.00 moisturizer or styling cream, being natural is natural. Why should anyone have to be broke to rock what God gave them? It simply doesn't connect for me. If you do splurge that's fine but thinking that your hair will be 'unmanageable ' without a certain product is not true. My hair is soft and manageable with shea butter and Kiss My Face Big Body Conditioner used as a leave-in. I understand that this combo may not work for you but focusing on simple products like coconut oil, jojoba oil, conditioners you can use for multi-purposes and of course water makes a huge difference, Keep It Simple Sista.

I do own some great products that are definitely a splurge for me but they get pulled out my closet once or twice every month, if that. I focus on my everyday products the rest of the time which are mostly locally accessible and affordable.

Lastly, I would like to say to the women that are struggling with transitioning or with their TWA to hold on and not to revert back to relaxers, their are products out there that are affordable and local if you are on a budget. Try focusing on flea markets, health food stores, your local retail stores like Wal-Mart and your local African beauty store if you have one in your area, they usually carry shea butter and black soap which is usually shipped straight from west Africa. If you buy products from websites try buying a year supply and storing them in the fridge or a cool dry place to maintain the product's freshness.

Below I've attached a few videos of some of my favourite You Tubers discussing this trend, have fun!

Books: Nappily Married

Nappily Married by Trisha R. Thomas follows the life of Venus Johnston after finding love.


Venus Johnston debuted with brazen personality and spirited humor in Nappily Ever After as she searched for the holy grail of marriage. Blessed with a beautiful baby daughter and a husband who is a former rap star with his own multi-million-dollar clothing company, her long journey to find love has finally come to fruition. But life as a stay-at-home wife and mother is hardly the end of the rainbow. In fact she’s ready to do anything to jump start the career she’s put on the back burner for the last two years.

Against her good sense and her husband’s wishes, she applies for a high profile PR job to help save a struggling city hospital manned by none other than her former boyfriend, Dr. Clint Fairchild, the very one and same who dumped her and married long-silky haired bombshell, Kandi Treboe. Venus soon finds out the two women are vying for the same job. This time competition between she and her old nemesis turns into a battle Venus is determined to win by any means necessary.

With an unhappy hubby at home, a nanny who’s becoming mommy in her child’s eyes, while forming an uncomfortably close relationship with her husband, and a deviant at work sabotaging the hospital, Venus may have taken on much more than she can handle. (Source)

Visit to purchase.

August 24, 2009

Nu Kynk's One Year Anniversary

Hi All,

Today is the one year anniversary of Nu Kynk. I started this blog because I felt a void in the blogs available that presented information about our hair and the loves of our lives, ie: beauty, fashion, art, health. I wanted to celebrate today as low key, nothing extravagant. I feel Nu Kynk has so much more to offer and hasn't reached its full potential as yet. I am reposting my first post as a throwback and if any of you have suggestions of topics you would love me to cover feel free to leave a comment or e mail me!

Why Go Natural

Natural is a state of being, embracing what we knew since birth but forgot. Our hair texture we thought was too "hard" so we abused it and used harsh chemicals, why? Their are ideals we thought we had to attain but I've learned being natural is a state of mind that flows to the physical and I'm loving every moment of it. You can't hide when you are natural, what you see is what it is whether your hair texture is kinky or curly, or both. I've learned so much over the past few years and look forward to many more with my crown of glory.

August 23, 2009

Le Coil

Le Coil is dedicated to celebrating our hair and I couldn't love this site more. It includes photos of everyday women on the streets, fashion photos of natural models and other random photos of women rocking their natural textured hair, visit Le Coil here .

August 22, 2009

Fabness: Nia Long @ InStyle Magazine Summer Soiree

Her skin is absolutely flawless, Nia Long attended the InStyle Magazine 8th Annual Summer Soiree this week wearing a classic black mini dress with a pair of must have sandals, GO GIRL!!!

From Love: Eco Body Soaps

I am always excited when I find a new product or company that is dedicated to all natural and/or organic ingredients and has a passion for what they do. I am even more excited since this company is based out of the Toronto area. Ulett Hibbert, the founder of Eco Body Soaps makes amazing high quality hand crafted soaps using nourishing ingredients like shea butter, goat milk, extra virgin olive oil, palm oil, and jojoba oil, along with comforting and soothing essential oils like lavendar and lemongrass. I can say that the black soap produced by Eco Body Soaps is the best I've tried, the soap lathers very well and leaves the skin clean and yet supple with a fresh scent of plants and herbal extracts that produces a fresh aroma in the shower. I've also heard rave reviews about her signature ECOlette soap, which contains pumice stone and shea butter to exfoliate and nourish our skin.

Hibbert has a wide range of soaps that will satisfy your needs. The website has just launched and currently is featuring a selection of soaps. If you would love to see her soaps up close and personal visit Eco Body Soaps on:

Sunday August 30th at the Green Cultural Festival between 10AM-8PM at Bellevue Square Park - Kensington and Augusta (near Kensington Market) Toronto Ontario, contact 416-551-8888 for more details or

Also visit to view her collection and to purchase.

August 20, 2009

Skin Care: Scrubs for Face and Body

I love scrubs, they leave my skin smooth, supple and glowing! These are some at home recipes that I've been using and so far I love the results.

Dark Brown Sugar Scrub
* (Combination/Oily Skin Types)

In a small plastic bowl mix:

1/4 cup Dark Brown Sugar
1/8 cup Baking Soda

2 tsps Water

Mix the brown sugar and baking soda together until combined by simply folding the mixture a few times. Add water and mix gently until mixture is fully wet.

Add mixture to face after cleansing and scrub in circular motion for about 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse face with warm water until scrub is completely removed. Pat dry with a dampened cloth.

Sea Salt and Olive Oil Scrub
* (All Skin Types)

In a small plastic bowl mix:

1 cup Sea Salt (fine)

1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 to 1 tbsp of Vitamin E Cream or your favourite lotion

Pour the extra virgin olive oil into the sea salt and mix gently using a spoon. When the oil is fully absorbed by the sea salt add the vitamin E cream or a lotion of your choosing. The lotion aides in adding moisture to the scrub and allows it to clump together more so than with the salt and oil alone.

Take mixture after cleansing and scoop a bit at a time out. Apply scrub to your entire body and use hands to rub in a circular motion, don't rub in one area too long. Scrub for about 5 minutes and rinse with warm water.

* All measurements are approximate using baking measurement utensils

The Dark Brown Sugar Scrub keeps black heads away and the Sea Salt and Olive Oil Scrub is great for helping minimize in grown hairs on the legs and riding your back of dead skin cells. The Dark Brown Sugar Scrub recipe will give you about 4 to 5 scrubs and the Sea Salt and Olive Oil Scrub will give you 1 to 2 scrubs, so I usually store the mixtures in a sealable container in the fridge. I use these scrubs about once a week year-round.

Wish List: Aveda Dry Remedy

Aveda Dry Remedy Shampoo


Winter is around the corner and I definitely want to switch it up a bit to more nourishing products. Aveda's hair products are pretty reliable for kinky, coily and curly hair types. Have any of you tried the Dry Remedy line and what did you think.

Product Review: Qhemet Biologics Amla Oil Nourshing Pomade

Over the past few months I have been raving about Qhemet Biologics Amla Oil Nourishing Pomade, so I thought why not do a review. I have to start off by saying this is the best pomade I have used thus far and am thrilled that Qhemet Biologics made a superior product that is all natural and vegan with simple ingredients that deliver amazing results. The pomade is a thick consistency reminiscent of old-school grease but without the petro-chemicals. I use it on damp hair to slick my hair into a puff or bun when I don't feel like using gel which is most of the time. I use it to moisturize my hair line to catch my baby hairs and as a nourishing shine enhancing sealant to the entire length of my hair when doing my curly 'fro, afro, twist and braid styles.

When I add this to the length of my hair especially when wet I get a "moist spongy" noise when I touch my hair. This is good because it means your hair is well hydrated and the pomade is assisting in sealing in the moisture. A little bit goes a long way, you don't need a generous amount to get results. I will suggest putting this in you hair in sections if you want to seal you ends, using a dab to a dime sized amount each time. I noticed that the pomade has coconut oil in it and it doesn't irritate my scalp, this is not the first product I've experienced this with and of course I 'm happy about that.

Performance: A high quality pomade that doesn't cut corners. It seals in moisture and assist in keeping the hair moisturized whether in very cold temperatures or high heat. I will also say that if you don't like gels give this pomade a try, dampen your hair with a little water and take some pomade , rub hands together to emulsify and apply to your hair, I don't think you will be disappointed. 2/2

Price: 16.00 USD for 4 oz, well worth it. I have no complaints. 2/2

Ingredients: Plant Thickener, Ayurvedic Amla (Sesamum Indicum Oil and Emblica Officinalis Extract), Pure Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil, Essential Oil Blend. 1/1
** The pomade has a subtle lemon scent and is not overpowering at all, if you are scent sensitive like myself, I would recommend this.

Qhemet Biologics Amla Oil Nourishing Pomade 5/5

August 19, 2009

Kiss My Face Goody Bag & Critique

Bob “el Presidénte” of Kiss My Face sent me a goody bag of some great products that I have yet to go through, Thanks Bob! I did however get to try a few goodies and so far the products are great. I got a Big Body Shampoo and Conditioner, C's The Day Moisturizer, Tighten Up Moisturizer, Facial Creme and Sunscreen Obsessively Organic Cell Mate 15, Whitening Aloe Vera Toothpaste and Liquid Rock Peaceful Patchouli Deodorant. So far I've gotten around to trying the conditioner (new formulation) and the deodorant. The deodorant actually works and keeps me dry and fresh throughout the day. I don't perspire alot so I don't know if this would be as effective with someone who for example is using a Degree Clinical Protection and wants to try an all natural organic deodorant.
Something that I also noticed when I got my shampoo and conditioner set was the different packaging and ingredients. At first I thought this may be old packaging because it looked "dated" as appose to the regular Kiss My Face packaging that I use. Of course I visited their website to see what was going on and saw that the shampoo and conditioner I got was actually the new packaging with a new formulation, I was disappointed. The old packaging was simple and yet bold with the vibrant colour print on the top right of the bottle, the bold font and with the organic labelling at the back which I feel is fine since most people will turn a bottle over to see the ingredients, usage and benefits. In my opinion the new packaging is a bit too busy and the smaller font doesn't help.
*First pic is old packaging and second pic is new packaging

Concerning the old formulation to the new formulation this was also a bit disappointing.
Old Ingredients: Certified Organic Floral Waters of Lavender, Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Water, Infusion of Certified Organic Herbs of Horsetail, Rose Hips, Lemon, Red Raspberry, Thyme, Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Colza Oil), Glycerin, Stearalkonium Chloride, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth 20, Lavender Oil, Certified Organic Sunflower Oil, Wheat Protein, Wheat Amino Acids, Tocopherol, Rice Protein, Lecithin, Panthenol, Chamomile Oil, Caprylic Acid, Glycine, Guar, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

Amazingly, I was unable to find the new formulation online. Though I will give some details as to the new ingredients. The first ingredient is aloe, and a few ingredients have been slightly tweaked but for the most part they are the same. The new formulation is thinner than the old. I hope since I wasn't able to find the new formulation online that this was a one off and they decided to change the packaging but keep the ingredients as it is. I can get use to the packaging change but the ingredients would be difficult. Conditioners are personally, not every one works and when you find one that is multi purpose, doesn't build up, and makes your hair incredible manageable you never want it to change. Kiss My Face please stick to your old formulations it's what got me hooked on your products.

August 12, 2009

TAGGED: Ten Things About Me

Hi, I was tagged by Chai (Hey, what's up girl?!:) for Ten Things About Me. Wow, where do I start? Well here I go:
1. My mother is my best friend.
2. KFC has been calling me these past couple of weeks (pray for me).
3. Sometimes when no one is around I talk aloud to myself, I enjoy hearing my thoughts out loud.
4. I still have a blankey, its like almost twenty years old. When I go see my mom I take it out the linen closet and curl up on the couch with it, I think its for comfort.
5. My favourite colours are white, black, purple, green, pink and orange.
6. From ever since I was kid I loved brocoli and spinach.
7. I have a cat named Queen, she wakes me up every morning.
8. Success to me is having your loved ones around you, doing your dream job every day and loving it passionately and not compromising who you are in the process.
9. I majored in english/history at university and love to write poems and short stories at night curled up in my bed.
10. I love sweet foods - cookies, cakes, tarts, etc. bring it on and I will get weak!
BONUS: I truly love blogging:) and I am thankful everyday people find my thoughts interesting!

Crips and Bloods - Made In America







Crips And Bloods - Made In America is a documentary film from Stacy Peralta, the director of Dogtown & Z Boys and Riding Giants. It is presented by Terrence Howard and narrated by Academy Award Winner Forest Whitaker. This award winning film is featured by PBS' Independent Lens and was first featured at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and since than has garnered acclaim for its truthful depiction of the of gang members in South Central Los Angeles.


From the genesis of LA’s gang culture to the shocking, war-zone reality of daily life in the South L.A., the film chronicles the rise of the Crips and Bloods, tracing the origins of their bloody four-decades long feud. Contemporary and former gang members offer their street-level testimony that provides the film with a stark portrait of modern-day gang life: the turf wars and territorialism, the inter-gang hierarchy and family structure, the rules of behavior, the culture of guns, death and dishonor.

Throughout the film ex-gang members, gang intervention experts, writers, activists and academics analyze many of the issues that contribute to South LA’s malaise: the erosion of identity that fuels the self-perpetuating legacy of black self-hatred, the disappearance of the African-American father and an almost pervasive prison culture in which today one out of every four black men will be imprisoned at some point in his life.

Finally the gang members themselves articulate their enduring dream of a better life. They provide CRIPS AND BLOODS: MADE IN AMERICA with its ultimate statement: a message of hope and a cautionary tale of redemption aimed at saving the lives of a new generation of kids, not just in South LA but anywhere in the world that gang violence exists. (Source)

My thoughts on the documentary:

I am thankful this documentary was made. Their have been numerous attempts by film artists to dissect the phenomenon of the Crips and Bloods. They wanted to contextualize the deaths of young black men, warfare brought on by political agendas, racism, poverty, and the refusal of people inside and out of the community to understand the gravity of denying a man and woman the identity of a human being. This film is unapologetic, it cuts deeply at the fabric of racism that has been wound tightly around these communities in Los Angeles and exposing the advertent dismissal of African American life in order that whites can maintain a rift of separate and unequal. America has proclaimed for decades that it is a melting pot, where all have equal opportunity and all can partake in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, untrue. Actions have spoken for America and the divide still exist today.

The people living and breathing everyday in these communities have been given the utensils of their own demise - drugs, alcohol, guns, poor quality food, hate, bitterness and hopelessness. These utensils have been nurtured over many decades and now it has been let loose. I would be bitter too, not because I am black but because I am a human being, and denying me my existence would kill something in me everyday. How can such wealth be amassed in this region and yet have such poverty, it is not only of the physical but the mind. We need to let the world know that this war is just as damaging as any other conflict seen in war torn regions of the world.

The only thing that has been guaranteed by the government is more prisons, less access to educational programs for inner city children and the demand on parents to continue to make 'ends meet' in an economy that has allowed pockets of failure to persist within our communities.

To learn more visit the offical website here. I have added a few parts of the documentary, tell me your thoughts by leaving a comment or an e mail.

Darren Anthony's Secrets Of A Black Boy

Darren Anthony, Playwright
Darren Anthony and cast members during rehearsals
Trey Anthony and Darren Anthony with the cast of Secrets Of A Black Boy
When 'Da Kink In My Hair first premiered in Toronto I was their watching an amazing story unfold that was raw and passionate. It resonated with me since it was a true depiction of the adversities black women face. Now Trey Anthony presents her brother's play Darren Anthony's Secrets Of A Black Boy which examines the struggles of Black men in an area of Toronto known for poverty, brutality and adversity, Regent Park, a housing project in Toronto. The play premiers to a wide audience Wednesday September 23rd and ends Saturday October 3rd at The Music Hall (147 Danforth Ave.) Visit for more info.

August 10, 2009

Solange's Glory Shines

Solange and her sister Beyonce were promoting Samantha Thavasa Disney Collection in Japan at a recent press conference. Fierce and just simply BU-TEE-FUL!!!