January 29, 2010

Interview: Jane Carter Solution

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jane Carter this past week while she was in Atlanta on business. We talked at length about the Jane Carter Solution, the phenomenon of women of colour embracing their natural hair and I related to her sensitivity to many mass produced hair and skin care products that contain chemicals. I must say that I was so refreshed speaking to her and look forward to the growth of the Jane Carter Solution and every other surprise she has for us.

Nu Kynk(Natalie): I love your motto that "Hair is Hair", can you expand on it?

Jane Carter: I have been a stylist for over twenty years and my family's hair texture is all over the place - I love it! My hair is tightly curled and only a few people have been able to brush my hair smooth. The way hair is defined is by race (Caucasian, African and so on). It's fascinating that we have got sucked into this marketing concept. In the 1970s products began to be marketed toward us. I can go into a place like Ulta and say "hey, I need something for my hair," and they take me to the Affirm and Mizani products and they don't work in my hair. They have already decided what works for my hair type when their is a whole range of products that are not classified for 'our' hair type but will work, we need to break out of that mold.

NK: Who do you market your products toward and who can use them?

JC: I developed my line of products so that anyone can use them, it was very important for me to produce products that any type of hair texture can benefit from.

NK: What do you think about the growth of women of color embracing their natural hair?

JC: First of all I can tell you that two things are going on. I was talking to a marketing company to do a market study. I'm focused on doing a documentary on beauty and how women have been held to unrealistic standards. Right now I'm working with producers from the Real House Wives of Atlanta, and producers from Black in America and Ron Ferguson, who is a Senior Lecturer in Education at Harvard. We also contacted a VC (Venture Capital) group to begin development on the study. A few women called me from the VC group and wanted to know more about natural based products. They said the trend over the next seven years is that the natural hair movement will continue to grow and that so far relaxer sales are down 37%.

In Atlanta stylists who have been relaxing hair are resistant because many of them don't know how to manage natural hair. At Urbanbella they have a group of stylists that will shampoo you and sample natural hair products to see what will work such as the Jane Carter Solution.

NK: How do you think the Jane Carter Solution encourages women of color to embrace their natural hair?

JC: Natural Hair is a lifestyle choice not a trend. I am concerned about product lines coming into the market as a 'trend'. I worked with products like Avalon in the past and became hyper-sensitive to chemically based products. For the first time I began to research the ingredients of these products.

I went to three chemists and they asked me 'who is your market' and I said 'everyone.' I wanted natural based products. The Jane Carter Solution uses plants, natural butters, oils and extracts to nourish our hair.

The accepted formula for making hair products is based on cost (cheap ingredients in a product and sold for a profit) but I wanted to focus on the quality of ingredients.

NK: What products do you recommend to women with tightly curled hair who want to maintain moisture?

JC: Our follicle is flatter, as our hair coils it is harder for our hair to hold moisture.

I recommend to brush your hair in the shower with conditioner to detangle. Your hair should be soaking wet and have plenty of conditioner in it during this process.

You can also use Condition & Sculpt, it won't build up and won't flake. Hydrate your hair with a water based product like the Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner. Also, Nourish & Shine, it has all natural butters, you can use it on your hair as well as on your skin. Use water to help rehydrate your hair. Dry hair is a lack of water not lack of oil.

NK: For the women thinking about transitioning, what tips and info do you have for them?

JC: Hair Nourishing Cream and the Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner helps women to transition because they are already good detanglers. You can use a paddle brush to help smooth the hair while straightening. The process is to try not to over heat the hair so that you don't have heat damage. I recommend to use a leave-in conditioner. Grow your hair until you are ready to be completely natural.

The Curl Defining Cream is also another great product that we will be launching by late March. It has no synthetic polymers, doesn't flake, leaves hair shiny and helps to stretch hair out.

I also wanted to add that their is a disparity among black students and whites students in education. Validation is key for the younger generations to be okay with who they are. I really appreciate what you do, it really helps the whole movement.

I consistently find that their is a confidence needed to make that lifestyle transition (from relaxed to natural). Their is some phenomenon about that. Their is a vast difference between the general market hair shows and the natural hair shows I go to. The energies are much different. At the natural hair shows the energy is so peaceful.

NK: Thank you, I really appreciate that, being natural started with my hair and it extended to body care, make-up and what I eat, it really is a lifestyle change.

JC: Yes, and by the end of March The Jane Carter Solution will be included in a test with Target. Our products will be available at your local Target along with Curls and Miss Jessie's. We are also available at the vitaminshoppe.com

NK: Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to tell myself and my readers about the latest info. I know this test at Target will be successful and I'm anticipating more updates:)

JC: You're welcome, Thank you too, we'll talk soon.
Interviewed by Natalie Henry

I am so excited that natural high quality products are beginning not to be seen as niche markets but as main stream. I encourage all of you who live near a Target to support Jane Carter Solution and every other natural and organic brands that they sell. this movement is not a trend and should not be viewed as such, it's a lifestyle and that means real change. eliminating products that only coat our hair and clog our skin is a major step in telling companies that you expect more and are no longer willing to support cheaply made products sold for a profit.
I am thankful that Jane Carter has identified so many disconnects within the hair care and beauty industry. I related to her concerning her sensitivity to scents and chemically based products. She is truly concerned about making a lasting change and is not concerned with gimmicks, I'm excited!

January 28, 2010

Unleash Your 'Fro

The beauty of the afro is measured on many levels. From curly 'fros to coily, kinky and cotton goodness. Do you love your 'fro? Do you enjoy the endless possibilities our afros give to use when it comes to styling options. Each one of our afros is unique to us, they all behave differently and need different techniques and products to maintain their health. Some afros are floppy, falling on different sides. Some have multiple textures that needs extra care, some afros are envied for their perfect shape, it resistance to the wind, while still being as fly as ever.

We try to control the afro because it takes on its own identity separate from ourselves, it is stared at, touched, and asked questions about as if it was a new born child. Questions like "wow, how did you get it like that?" Can translate into "wow, your baby is so cute, when was she born?" Demystifying the afro is a mountain that extends far, very few try because once you get one afro figured out another fresh head of coils comes along to break that mold. Our afros needs are endless when it comes to products and techniques. Accepting this makes this journey so much more fun allowing us to do to our hair what it really wants and not to follow along to the beat of another fresh head of popping coils.

Unleash your 'fro, the possibilities are endless. When you allow the world to see your hair for what it is your beauty will be embraced. Questions and more questions will come. Answers to those questions like "Yes, this is my natural hair," may never stop, who knows, but playing in your 'fro is so much fun once you accept the truth that your afro is here to stay.

January 24, 2010

Product Review: Darcy's Botanicals NEW Daily Leave In Conditioner

Darcy's Botanicals NEW Daily Leave In Conditioner includes high quality ingredients and has the choice of thirteen scents or unscented, I chose unscented. The Daily Leave In Conditioner has a high amount of glycerin so I was already a little unsure about it. If a product has glycerin mid way down the ingredient list or at the end of the ingredient list than I know the product should at least give okay results. This conditioner didn't do much for my hair. The detangling properties were okay, it gave little to moderate conditioning and moisturizing properties to my hair. To be honest, this product was blah to me. I will most likely use it up in my deep conditioning treatments and as a pre-poo.

Performance: The product was okay, I wasn't wowed by it and I did experience frizz, most likely because of the glycerin. I like my conditioners to smooth and define my hair. 1/2

Price: 12.00 for 8 ounces, for the results I got I would not buy this product again. 0/2

Ingredients: Distilled Water with Yarrow, Sage, Nettle & Lavender, Vegetable Glycerin, Avocado, Sunflower, & Sesame Oils, BTMS (a mild conditioning emulsifier), MSM, Guar Silk, a paraben-free preservative, and fragrance. 1/1

Darcy's Botanicals NEW Daily Leave In Conditioner 2/5

Update: Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Styling Creme and My Hair

I Mixed up a storm with the Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Styling Creme, I mixed it in conditioners, pre-poo'ed with it and used it as a moisturizing creme. The creme is alright but my shea butter does a better job at keeping my hair moist than any moisturizer I have tried. I won't be repurchasing it. Although the scent dissipated after a while it was not inviting when I opened the jar to use the creme. Keeping it simple is what I am focusing on, it makes my hair care routine so easy.

Recently, I picked up Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo and Conditioner, I will do a more detailed revisit review of these two products at a later date. I will say I am loving both these products and finally figured out how to best use them for my hair. The shampoo is used once every two to four weeks, a few nickle sized drops is all you need, and the conditioner I use it as a leave in conditioner (just a little throughout your hair) and I also use it as a deep conditioner. I always add oil and honey to the conditioner. These products are more natural than Kiss My Face and are super concentrated. I guess I did a 360 degree with Aubrey Organics.

Over the past few days I've been wearing my hair in chini-bumps to work using bobby pins to hold them in place. I work in a business environment so I dress up my hair with accessories like earrings, and I just bought some gold and silver bobby pins from Sally's! My hair is so soft with the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner, shea butter and Darcy's Botanicals Coconut & Capuacu Butter Pomade, I love this combo.

January 22, 2010

My Love With Coconut Oil

Recently, I made a purchase from Swanson Vitamins and saw the great price of the Swanson Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Even though my scalp has had bad experiences with coconut I bought some to try it again since the last time I used coconut oil was about a year ago.

As you can see I really want to use coconut... yes, I'm obsessed.

I have not been using products with silicones and use only shea butter and all natural organic conditioners as leave-ins. My dermatitis has improved significantly and Im still not using the steroid cream my dermatologist prescribed to me, I am so thankful. I think of where my scalp was at 3 to 4 years ago to where it is now and the improvement is amazing. The coconut oil so far hasn't irritated my scalp. I want to do more research into the 'whys' because I thought it did before. May be it was that my scalp had build up from synthetic products, maybe it was still healing from being irritated all those years I used chemicals, maybe I was using too many products... I really want to know why.

In my opinion coconut oil has conditioning properties while avocado oil is more moisturizing. I use coconut oil for pre-pooing, and conditioning my ends at night.

Solange Knowles @ Club MIA

Natural girls have fun too! Solange Knowles and Headliner Marketing Group were in Miami on Thursday night at Club MIA, she even dj'ed for part of the night, LUV the bow in the hair!

January 19, 2010

Model Moment: Ajak Deng

Ajak Deng was born December 7, 1989 in Sudan and fled to a Kenyan refugee camp with her parents and four brothers and three sisters in 2003 after civil unrest erupted. During that time her mother passed away from malaria and she became the mother to her six month old sister. By 2005 her family was given the opportunity to move to Australia, Ajak has not looked back. Ajak quickly began to model and made her debut at the 2008 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, since than she has been in high demand in Australia and abroad. She is currently represented by Chic Management.

Currently, Ajak is in school studying for her VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education).

I am so inspired by this young woman, she is truly blessed and I definitely see amazing things to come from her in the fashion world and beyond. To see more of Ajak click here.

The Coil Review: New Year’s Commercial

The Coil Review recently released their new web commercial and I am loving it. The corporate theme highlights that all of us can have versatile natural hair that is work appropriate. The idea that natural hair is a no-no in the corporate world is a thing of the past. Embrace your natural hair, post all your comments below, I would love to hear what all of you think.

Visit The Coil Review.

January 17, 2010

Product Review: Karen's Body Beautiful Vanilla Latte Hair Oil

Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Oil is a rich golden colour oil and appears to be a light-medium bodied oil. I got this oil in vanilla latte and when I first opened the lid I enjoyed the scent. Fast forward to when I used it, the oil is actually light and absorbs very quickly, it was actually too light and I have fine strands so I was little confused as to why it felt like nothing, absolutely nothing in my hair after I put it in. This oil wouldn't be beneficial for adding shine to my hair since I don't have a problem with that. Also, the oil has little to no conditioning benefits in my hair.

The essential oils added into the Hair Oil to create the vanilla latte scent irritated my scalp so much. I became very tender headed and had to wash my hair within a day or two after using it. My staple oils work much better, to say I am disappointed would be an under statement.

Performance: The Oil had no effect on my hair and felt as if I didn't even put an oil in my hair, also the scent irritated my scalp. 0/2

Price: $12.00 for 4 ounces, way over priced. 0/2

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Black Seed Oil, Vitamin E & Essential and/or Fragrance Oils. 1/1
**Amazing ingredients that did nothing for my hair or my scalp.

Karen's Body Beautiful Vanilla Latte Hair Oil 1/5

Product Review: Karen's Body Beautiful Vanilla Latte Hair Milk

The Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Milk has received raves from many naturals as to the amazing detangling effects of the milk and it's moisturizing properties. I experienced the detangling properties of the Hair Milk when my hair was damp but not the moisturizing effects. This product has so many contradictions to me. When my hair was damp the product detangled my hair very well and made it feel moisturized. Also, I got it in vanilla latte which I enjoyed smelling as I set my hair. The page turned when my hair dried and the product penetrated my scalp. First, my hair was super frizzy, dull looking and lacking moisture, it may have been the glycerin content of the product. Second, my scalp started to burn which I attributed to the vanilla latte scent since as soon as I washed my hair and stopped using the Hair Milk the burning and irritation of my scalp stopped, this product was a disaster in my hair.

Many naturals rave about the Hair Milk and I am lost as to why, the consistency is like a watered down version of any of our favourite conditioners. I can easily take one of a number of conditioners I have and add a little water and oil to it and use it as a light moisturizer/leave-in conditioner and I would get fantastic results. I am truly lost as to why this is better than using an all natural conditioner and what is so fantastic about it.

Performance: At first it seemed like it would get the job done, not! Also, my scalp became very irritated.

Price: 16.00 for 8 ounces, way over priced for the results I got and for the concept of this product. .5/2

Ingredients: Purified Water, Jojoba and Avocado Oils, Vegetable Wax, Vitamin E, Panthenol, Arnica and Calendula Flowers, Echinacea, Nettle and Horsetail Extracts, Vegetable Glycerin, Wheat Germ Oil, Fragrance Oil and Natural Enzymes 1/1
***Amazing ingredients that didn't wow my hair or my scalp.

Karen's Body Beautiful Vanilla Latte Hair Milk 1.5/5

Product Review: Darcy's Botanicals Coconut & Cupuacu Butter

I got the Darcy's Botanicals Coconut & Cupuacu Butter and was excited to try it out. I had high hopes for it and wasn't disappointed! This butter/pomade is amazing. It controls frizz, adds shine, helps to slick down edges, add moisture, gives a natural hold, acts as a sealant and has a sweet-caramel nutty scent. I use the pomade every other day and on wash days I use it after putting in my moisturizer to add more moisture and to help define my hair. This product is in my opinion the best or one of the best products of Darcy's Botanicals. I pray that Lysandra starts making it in wide 8 ounce jars, I would be more than happy to stock up!

My hair is soft, has a nice shine and smells great, it also reacts well with my gel when I want extra hold. The pomade is semi-hard in texture and is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. This is a great product to use in conjuction with your regular moisturizer. An added bonus is that HoneyFig carries it at a pretty good price so I will be stocking up there instead of ordering online.

Performance: Consistent and it really does what it says it will do, the pomade added moisture, shine, definition and controlled my frizz. 2/2

Price: $12.00 USD for 4 ounces, the product is concentrated so a little goes a long way. 2/2

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Cupuacu Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Ucuuba Fruit Butter, Beeswax, and Fragrance
**Amazing ingredients that are effective and the scent is pleasant. 1/1

Darcy's Botanicals Coconut & Cupuacu Butter 5/5

January 15, 2010

Haiti: Disaster But Not Destroyed

I want to send my condolences to all the individuals and families affected by the earthquake. I have been watching the news over the past few days and I am devastated at the severity of the destruction in Port-Au-Prince. Many bodies are now being bull dozed from the streets or in front of morgues without being identified and given the dignity of a burial. Many people have disappeared and will stay that way forever without family members knowing what happened to them.

On a positive note people are still being rescued after being buried alive for two or three days. People are singing in the streets to keep spirits up and to have hope and faith to push forward, Haiti you are in my prayers.

This disaster came from no where without any warning, we are all reminded by these types of events how important it is to live life to the fullest and love the ones close to us freely and endlessly.

It is the love of the world and the love of Haitians amongst themselves that will give them the strength to overcome this disaster.

January 13, 2010

Uneven Hair and Protein Treatment

Uneven hair is simply annoying. I did a mini chop a few days ago because my hair was severely uneven. My sides at the front and hair at the back were really long compared to the hair at the top of my head which grows slow, plus I had breakage in the middle because of my episode with my Denman brush and also about two years ago I got bald spots because of a pantyhose I used as a head band which basically caused me alopecia in a few areas at the top front and sides. The hair grew back but it was shorter by about one to two inches than the hair surrounding those areas. Its a new year and I thought why not? I have been unkind to my hair and thought that trimming off one to two inches all over to get rid of stale ends and to even up my hair was a great gift to my hair.

After doing my trim/evening I did a protein treatment with the following products:

I whipped an egg in a bowl for a few seconds and than poured in about four to five ounces of Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner and mixed them together, than I added about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and lightly mixed in.

I applied the mixture to my hair in sections, covered with a plastic cap and used my heating cap for extra conditioning for about an hour. I rinsed thoroughly, moisturized, braided up my hair and oiled my scalp.

Biotin Supplements

I just started taking biotin supplements last Saturday and so far so good. Biotin is known to strengthen and promote growth of hair and nails, and to add elasticity to skin. Some people have given testimonials that biotin supplements give their skin a glow. The brand I am taking is Country Life and the dosage is 1000 mcg at one pill a day with a meal. Usually biotin supplements can be quite pricey so I was more than happy to order two bottles from Swanson Vitamins at the amazing price of $3.27 USD for a bottle of 100 pills and even better their formula is vegan and free of yeast, corn, wheat, soy, gluten, milk, salt, sugar, starch, preservatives and artificial colour, which is great because the more basic the ingredients in supplements are than the more easier it is for your body to digest it for your body to use the nutrients effectively.

January 11, 2010

African Immigrants Leave Italian Town After Attacks

Racism is still alive and well in many parts of the world. This article from CNN makes the point and it amazes me that non-blacks faced with this type of behaviour from people amongst them just go along with it...wow!

(CNN) -- The message blaring out of the speakers on the van was stark: "Any black person who is hiding in Rosarno should get out. If we catch you, we will kill you."

Abdul Rashid Muhammad Mahmoud Iddris got out.

He's one of hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of African migrants taken by bus out of the Italian town over the weekend after violent demonstrations shook southern Italy.

The unrest was among the worst of its kind in recent Italian history, said a spokesman for the International Organization for Migration.

"We have not witnessed such protests in a long time," said Flavio Di Giacomo. "There were several thousand, but I don't know exactly how many people were involved."

It was the unprovoked shooting of an African migrant that sparked two days of protests, Iddris told CNN by telephone from Italy.

Iddris lived with other migrants in an abandoned factory outside Rosarno, he said.

On Thursday, a BMW pulled up outside the factory, a man got out, shot one of the Africans living there, and drove off.

A passing policeman told Iddris and his friends it was not his job to help the wounded man, so they called the Red Cross to take the man to a hospital for treatment, Iddris said. Press reports said the man was shot with a pellet gun.

Iddris and his friends decided to march to Rosarno's town hall to protest.

"About 2,000 people came -- all of us," he said. "It started about 6 or 7 in the evening, a few hours after he was shot."

But police forced the demonstrators to turn back, threatening them with tear gas, Iddris said. Six or seven people were arrested, he said.

The next morning, Friday, they tried again, playing drums as they tried to march from the factory to Rosarno's town hall, he said.

That's when they heard the warning.

"People took a van, an information van with speakers, saying any black person who is hiding in Rosarno should get out, if they catch anyone they will kill him," Iddris said.

Iddris -- who is originally from Sudan and has been in Italy for about 18 months, first as an asylum seeker and then without legal documentation, and who picks oranges in season -- said police arrested another 10 to 20 people at Friday's demonstration.

Italian press reports said the demonstrators had burned cars.

Later on Friday, Iddris said, police arranged for buses to move the Africans away from Rosarno to another village.

But the new location was no safer, he said. Police had to keep locals and migrants physically separated Saturday.

"They said they would take us to another place. They said it's dangerous now for blacks to stay there," he said.

Hundreds of people were driven to Bari and Naples, Iddris said. He was on one of six buses, each with 45 to 50 people, taken to Bari.

"Right now we don't know what is next," he said Monday.

Police in the Calabria region, where Rosarno is located, were not immediately available for comment.

But Pope Benedict XVI spoke out against the violence in his weekly address on Sunday.

"An immigrant is a human being, different by background, culture and tradition, but a person to be respected," he said.

"Violence must never be a way to resolve difficulties," he said, urging people "to look at the face of the other and discover that he, too, has a soul, a story and a life. He is a person and God loves him just as He loves me."

Di Giacomo, the International Organization for Migration spokesman, said Italy has many migrants, often from Africa, living in conditions bordering on slavery.

The migrants who demonstrated last week "were exploited. They were just paid 20 euros (about $29) per day and they lived in slums, the same as slavery conditions. A few months ago in (the southern Italian region of) Campagna we discovered a similar situation. It's unfortunately a reality in many places, especially in southern Italy."

Italy is one of the top European destinations for migrants, the migration organization's figures show. More than 3.6 million legal migrants live in the country -- 6.2 percent of the total population -- and Italy has the European Union's highest annual growth rate of migrants, along with Spain.

It's hard to know exactly how many illegal immigrants there are in the country, Di Giacomo said.

"It is not controlled in any way. They change the area where they work because of the season of the year -- oranges in the winter, tomatoes in the summer," he said. "With economic migrants, many of them arrive with tourist visas and overstay seeking work. They can arrive in so many ways," including paying traffickers thousands of dollars to smuggle them into the country.

Not all the workers involved in the demonstrations were undocumented, he said -- but the line between legal and illegal can be porous.

"Some have lost their jobs, and in Italy if you lose your job you have six months to find work or you become illegal," he said.

Italian media has speculated that the Mafia was behind the shooting that triggered the violence.

But Di Giacomo said it was not important whether they were or not.

"We don't know if the Mafia is involved, but the point is not really the Mafia," he said. "the point is that the conditions for these migrants are so inhuman that they can lead to some violent reactions."

click here to see the original article.

Product Review: Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme

Darcy's Botanicals boast exceptional products for hair and skin so I decided to try the Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme which is really a daily moisturizer and gives little to no hold. I was fine with that since I wanted a basic moisturizer that gets the job done. The jar is compact, I was expecting the jar to be bigger than it was but I guess each company measures out 8oz according to the jar they use. When I smelled the creme I noticed it had a strong scent of vanilla extract. Not the sweet-warm scent we are used to but the kind of vanilla we bake with but more pronounced. The creme has a very nice texture, its smooth and absorbs easily into my hair and skin when I was testing it out. The creme is dense but not as dense as AfroVeda moisturizers or Qhemet Biologics Heavy Cream. Its more of a thick creme that gives easily when you try to scoop some out the jar. I absolutely love the way it made my hair feel when I first applied it, my hair was soft and easy to style. The moisture factor of this creme is high, it gives a good level of moisture but absorbs quickly giving me bouncy hair. When I compare this creme to Qhemet Biologics Heavy Cream I can say that the Heavy Cream weighed my hair down and took longer to absorb into my fine strands, I think the Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme suites my texture better.

Performance: Great moisturizing creme which gave me well defined braid outs. I was surprised at how soft this creme made my hair feel after applying it to damp hair. 2/2

Price: 12.00 USD for 8oz. Good buy, especially when you can catch one of the sales that the owner has yearly, plus quick shipping and great customer service. The owner threw in a sample of oil for me to try:) 2/2

Ingredients: Organic Palm Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Madagascar Vanilla, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Candelilla Wax, Organic Castor Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil and Potassium Sorbate. 1/1

**The vanilla extract scent is not strong and barely if even lingers after the creme is applied to my hair.

Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme 5/5

Swanson Vitamins

I just ordered from products from Swanson Vitamins. They sell brands like Aubrey Organics, Kiss My Face, Now, Alba, Avalon, Jason, Country Life, Dr. Bronner's and the list goes and on. They also have their own brand, which by the way is just as good and sometimes better than many well known natural and organic brands. They have amazing prices and ship quickly, to take advantage of their free shipping on all orders over 65.00 visit them here!

January 7, 2010

Serge Mouangue: WAFRICA

Serge Mouangue's designs of the traditional Japanese kimono has attracted attention world wide. Born in Yaounde, Cameroon in 1973 and than immigrating with his family to France at age six, Serge's fascination with international cultures began at a young age. He studied Applied Art, Interior Design and Industrial Design in Paris, France before settling in Japan after an opportunity was presented to him by Nissan Motor Company. He immediately became fascinated with Japanese culture and began to express himself through textiles which evolved into designing kimonos blended with both African and Japanese influences. The kimonos are truly beautiful, to view more visit Serge at Wafica.jp