January 28, 2010

Unleash Your 'Fro

The beauty of the afro is measured on many levels. From curly 'fros to coily, kinky and cotton goodness. Do you love your 'fro? Do you enjoy the endless possibilities our afros give to use when it comes to styling options. Each one of our afros is unique to us, they all behave differently and need different techniques and products to maintain their health. Some afros are floppy, falling on different sides. Some have multiple textures that needs extra care, some afros are envied for their perfect shape, it resistance to the wind, while still being as fly as ever.

We try to control the afro because it takes on its own identity separate from ourselves, it is stared at, touched, and asked questions about as if it was a new born child. Questions like "wow, how did you get it like that?" Can translate into "wow, your baby is so cute, when was she born?" Demystifying the afro is a mountain that extends far, very few try because once you get one afro figured out another fresh head of coils comes along to break that mold. Our afros needs are endless when it comes to products and techniques. Accepting this makes this journey so much more fun allowing us to do to our hair what it really wants and not to follow along to the beat of another fresh head of popping coils.

Unleash your 'fro, the possibilities are endless. When you allow the world to see your hair for what it is your beauty will be embraced. Questions and more questions will come. Answers to those questions like "Yes, this is my natural hair," may never stop, who knows, but playing in your 'fro is so much fun once you accept the truth that your afro is here to stay.

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