January 3, 2010

Naturally Loved: Part Fifteen

Do you see yourself natural a month from now, a few months from now, next year or years from now? Do you love your natural hair texture? And do you find maintaining your hair easy and see it as 'manageable'? Deciding to embrace your hair in its natural state means you felt a need to stop relaxing your hair. The nostalgia of relaxed hair may creep up on you and you feel an itch to relax your hair.

It is 2010, a new year, a fresh start for all of us to stay committed to our goals. whether you are challenged by gaining length, damaged ends, dryness or finding products that compliment your hair and lifestyle just keep in mind that chemicals are not the answer. Your hair can be beautiful and versatile without relaxing.

Keep to your hair goals, think about where your hair will be at the end of 2010? I can't wait:) I welcome all of you to send in comparison shots over a year, it doesn't matter from what year to what year.

Happy Growing,

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