January 13, 2010

Uneven Hair and Protein Treatment

Uneven hair is simply annoying. I did a mini chop a few days ago because my hair was severely uneven. My sides at the front and hair at the back were really long compared to the hair at the top of my head which grows slow, plus I had breakage in the middle because of my episode with my Denman brush and also about two years ago I got bald spots because of a pantyhose I used as a head band which basically caused me alopecia in a few areas at the top front and sides. The hair grew back but it was shorter by about one to two inches than the hair surrounding those areas. Its a new year and I thought why not? I have been unkind to my hair and thought that trimming off one to two inches all over to get rid of stale ends and to even up my hair was a great gift to my hair.

After doing my trim/evening I did a protein treatment with the following products:

I whipped an egg in a bowl for a few seconds and than poured in about four to five ounces of Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner and mixed them together, than I added about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and lightly mixed in.

I applied the mixture to my hair in sections, covered with a plastic cap and used my heating cap for extra conditioning for about an hour. I rinsed thoroughly, moisturized, braided up my hair and oiled my scalp.


BluTopaz said...

hi (love your blog-very positive and resourceful),

You said the pantyhose you used caused alopecia, this is so scary because this is my main tool for doing my hair (pantyhose, then pin in a corporate america bun-lol). How did the hair thinning happen with you, do you think it was pulled too tight? My problem with my natural hair is finding a protective style that is flattering on me, since I do not like twists/braids on me with my own hair, and i wore extensions for years so I don't want to go that route again.

also, what did you use to oil your scalp, and how often do you use it? I used Giovanni Smooth as Silk Protein Infusion for the first time recently (my first protein treatment), and could not believe how strong my fine textured, soft hair felt. I am going to try your recipe also for a light protein treatment, thanks for sharing.

Nu Kynk said...


Thanks! I actually used the pantyhose like everybody else, cut a section off and tie as a taunt head band. In the past I also used them as skull caps when I wear my wigs and they always give me hair loss where ever the pantyhose is positioned on my head. I have sensitive scalp so very little pressure to my scalp is best. Plus, when I do puffs and buns I need to change the style every few days because I will get a very soar scalp if I leave that type of style in too long, even bobby pins can't sit in my hair to long because they rub against my scalp and cause irritation.

Concerning what I used to oil my scalp, I am testing out the Darcy's Botanicals Coconut & Capuacu Butter, I used as a scalp oil and it was good, review coming soon:)

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the tips.