January 22, 2010

My Love With Coconut Oil

Recently, I made a purchase from Swanson Vitamins and saw the great price of the Swanson Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Even though my scalp has had bad experiences with coconut I bought some to try it again since the last time I used coconut oil was about a year ago.

As you can see I really want to use coconut... yes, I'm obsessed.

I have not been using products with silicones and use only shea butter and all natural organic conditioners as leave-ins. My dermatitis has improved significantly and Im still not using the steroid cream my dermatologist prescribed to me, I am so thankful. I think of where my scalp was at 3 to 4 years ago to where it is now and the improvement is amazing. The coconut oil so far hasn't irritated my scalp. I want to do more research into the 'whys' because I thought it did before. May be it was that my scalp had build up from synthetic products, maybe it was still healing from being irritated all those years I used chemicals, maybe I was using too many products... I really want to know why.

In my opinion coconut oil has conditioning properties while avocado oil is more moisturizing. I use coconut oil for pre-pooing, and conditioning my ends at night.


Anonymous said...

I love coconut oil because of its moisturizing ability, but I can't use it raw on my hair (then again, I haven't really tried). It's part of my shea butter mix though, and it definitely keeps my hair soft!

I thought I was the only one up on advocado oil! That stuff is awesome! ;D

Erica said...

Gotta say i LOVE coconut oil. It keeps my hair soft and very manageable without being heavy. I will try avocado oil in the near future :-)

(oh yeah I love your blog!)

Nu Kynk said...


Avocado oil is amazing, please try:)

Nu Kynk said...

@ Erica


savvybrown said...

I use coconut oil for everything. I mix it in my homemdade whipped shea. I use it as lip gloss, I seal with it, put it in my daily leave-in, gease my scalp, and put it on my body when I get out of the shower. LOVE me some coconut oil.