January 17, 2010

Product Review: Karen's Body Beautiful Vanilla Latte Hair Oil

Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Oil is a rich golden colour oil and appears to be a light-medium bodied oil. I got this oil in vanilla latte and when I first opened the lid I enjoyed the scent. Fast forward to when I used it, the oil is actually light and absorbs very quickly, it was actually too light and I have fine strands so I was little confused as to why it felt like nothing, absolutely nothing in my hair after I put it in. This oil wouldn't be beneficial for adding shine to my hair since I don't have a problem with that. Also, the oil has little to no conditioning benefits in my hair.

The essential oils added into the Hair Oil to create the vanilla latte scent irritated my scalp so much. I became very tender headed and had to wash my hair within a day or two after using it. My staple oils work much better, to say I am disappointed would be an under statement.

Performance: The Oil had no effect on my hair and felt as if I didn't even put an oil in my hair, also the scent irritated my scalp. 0/2

Price: $12.00 for 4 ounces, way over priced. 0/2

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Black Seed Oil, Vitamin E & Essential and/or Fragrance Oils. 1/1
**Amazing ingredients that did nothing for my hair or my scalp.

Karen's Body Beautiful Vanilla Latte Hair Oil 1/5


Olivia said...

Sometimes products like that looks nice but when you actually take the time to apply the product into your routine, it ends up being something that you didn't really expect. I feel like that too, when I get a certain product & I'm excited to use it then when I do, it doesn't work for me its bad :(

Nu Kynk said...

@ Olivia

I was so disappointed, it is way over priced, I'll stick with avocado oil.