August 24, 2009

Nu Kynk's One Year Anniversary

Hi All,

Today is the one year anniversary of Nu Kynk. I started this blog because I felt a void in the blogs available that presented information about our hair and the loves of our lives, ie: beauty, fashion, art, health. I wanted to celebrate today as low key, nothing extravagant. I feel Nu Kynk has so much more to offer and hasn't reached its full potential as yet. I am reposting my first post as a throwback and if any of you have suggestions of topics you would love me to cover feel free to leave a comment or e mail me!

Why Go Natural

Natural is a state of being, embracing what we knew since birth but forgot. Our hair texture we thought was too "hard" so we abused it and used harsh chemicals, why? Their are ideals we thought we had to attain but I've learned being natural is a state of mind that flows to the physical and I'm loving every moment of it. You can't hide when you are natural, what you see is what it is whether your hair texture is kinky or curly, or both. I've learned so much over the past few years and look forward to many more with my crown of glory.


Tiffany,Ebony Intuition said...

Happy Anniversary.

always4evamoi said...

Happy blog-versary!!

Laquita said...

Congrats - Happy Anniversary :o)

Urbancurlz said...

Happy Anniversary!

Gina said...

I'll look forward to Nu Kynk's future. Thanks for creating your lovely blog.