June 23, 2009

Beyonce's 'Nappy' Roots

This morning while going to my usual sites to see what is hot, I came across a post on a very popular gossip site "Bey's Nappy Roots Go on Strike" and the writer went on to say "Someone should be fired for not conditioning her up; Bey’s roots look as thirsty as cracked lips." The comment section had a mixture of negative and positive comments:

"Cellie roots and Barbie ends...",

"she looks a hot mess"

"Who cares of her statistics, because to a lot of black people who hate their own natural hair texture – she’ll always need a relaxer."

"what’s wrong with her hair texture, people? you all are brainwashed. we should encourage OUR people to embrace and see beauty in their natural features; and to stop covering them up like they SHOULD be ashamed of them.get over the generally accepted beauty ideals."

"I just would like to know that y the more natural one becomes the more critical and insulting we r to that person? One minute she is Ms. Lacefront and the other minute she has dry nappy roots. FAIL!! nothing wrong with our spiralled nappy hair- at least its HAIR and not limp dead FUR!!"

I personally thought that she looked gorgeous. The pressure to fit a beauty ideal is on display here. Beyonce obviously has kinky hair and has made a concerted effort to cover it up with lace fronts and weave. I have heard that she is natural but I am sure many photos of her with afros are hair pieces. When she released her first album she boasted to Honey Magazine that she was natural and was even photographed in her glory. After the success of her first solo album she started to wear more lace fronts and weave and almost has stopped wearing braids as she did when she was younger.

Their is nothing wrong with having 'nappy' roots and their is definitely nothing wrong with showing them. This hate for our hair is so destructive. The negative comments were more directed to straightening the hair moreso than moisturizing it which is what our hair loves. Beyonce, if you read this or if any one tells you to cover up that 'nappy' hair know that black is beautiful and that includes kinks, coils and curls, don't deny it embrace it!


τreciä said...

wow- time sure have not changed. I guess i'd have to applaud those positive comments because its something even if its only one person.

Laquita said...

I agree about the one positive comment. Great post ;o)

Anonymous said...

It's simple, I think. Folk know her to wear wigs and weaves; usually those have one hair texture. Here her 'weave' is straight and the root is not, so folk will point it out; have pointed it out. I was confused at first 'coz I thought it was a wig, but nope, it's a weave. I think the color and the curl is pretty but must admit I took a second look at the root. Likewise there's a pic of her in London taken recently; she was wearing red Ray Bans. Her hair looked...it just looked bad. I suppose it was a weave then too because the roots looked matted and wet and the strands frizzed and tangled.

Mo said...

she is natural, i've seen a few pics of her regular hair wive is really curly simply pulled back into a ponytail. i mean, she's in the spotlight. had her roots been perfect, they would've gotten on her too. either way, people are gonna say something negative.