June 29, 2009

thatgirrl5: Coconut Cream Natural Relaxer

I came across this video by thatgirrl5 on You Tube. She was demonstrating on her daughter's hair a concoction she referred to as "coconut cream natural relaxer." I don't view this treatment as a "natural relaxer" but as a treatment that make the hair more manageable, I posted part 1 of 2 so you can see the application. Supposedly, with regular use (once every 1 to 3 months) it makes the hair retain length, avoid less tangles and adds a high moisture level. I really want to try this concoction but as you know my scalp is tricky when it comes to coconut oil, but I am willing to give it a try, it looks too yummy to pass up!
* You can purchase the Coconut Cream Concentrate from tropicaltraditions.com


τreciä said...

I've watched this video over and over again. I would love to try this. I was wondering where besides that site I would be able to find the creme. Please post your experience when you do try this. thanks

Avant Gaudy said...

It's funny, I just started using coconut oil as conditioner on my hair (type 3A, if you're a fan of Naturally Curly). The texture is the same, but there's a lot less volume.
I'm also a fan of Whole Foods' shampoo and conditioner because of the price more than anything else.