January 12, 2009

I Love My Hair

This journey has been so rewarding, I love my hair. It amazes me all the time of the shrinkage, the deceiving way it looks when braided and the volume I get when I set it free! The growth, the way it knots in on its self (yes I take the rewards with challenges), its natural sheen and the stares I get when I wear my crown and glory in public. At work most of my sister-colleagues have natural hair! I started noticing this a few months ago, I see locs and lose hair all over the place. Even if they wear weaves, wigs and braids, or flat iron their hair it is natural or partially natural which is a step in the right direction.
After my incident with the Curls Ecstasy Tea Conditioner I am even more committed to using the right products in my hair and caring for it the right way and not deviating from that. I feel great and am so proud to see women embracing their hair as God created it.

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David J. said...

Hey, I read your entry and i like it alot, it was very interesting. Is that you in the pic alongside your post?

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