January 29, 2009

Mastex Thermal Spa Conditioning Heat Cap

I tried out my new conditioning cap and I wasn't that impressed. The Mastex Thermal Spa Conditioning Heat Cap is suppose to provide deep conditioning to the hair when used with your regular conditioners/treatments.

Performance: The cap has a main cord that enters at the back and runs upward to heat the cap but the cord is so high up in the cap that the back of my head barely was warmed from the heat. 1/2

Price: 40.00 Bucks CAD, a little pricey, this is worth 20 bucks, more like it and I wouldn't feel taken advantage of. .5/1

Materials: I still take issue with how high the cord is up in the cap. It is pretty good quality and simplistically made, nothing complicated. I like the control switch to set the level of heat. 1.5/2

Overall it is okay but I wouldn't recommend it as the 'best' but as available at your local beauty shop and will (mostly) get the job done.
Mastex Thermal Spa Conditioning Heat Cap 3/5

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Ebony Intuition said...

I haven't used a heating cap in so long. I should buy one the next time i go to NYC.