December 8, 2009

The Blacklist Vol. II: The Winners (HBO)

I love The Blacklist Vol. II: The Winners, it aired earlier this year on HBO, series like these should be encouraged within our community. I related on so many levels concerning speech, goals and achievements that challenge what the notion of 'acting black' is. I have always been someone that ihas been called 'different' from ever since I was a child and I embrace it. Their is nothing wrong with speaking proper English, waiting until you are married to have a child and having an interest in fine art. I love literature and the English language and yes I do break my dictionary open sometimes to read it, so what...We are individuals not a walking, talking wash of black animated colour. I Love me like no one else can.


Chai said...

this was really nice to watch, and I hear you on the being called 'different' part. I heard it all too often in my own family.

Thanks for sharing;-)

Anonymous said...

Growing up I got the Oreo comment and the "wigger" comment among others. I guess at a certain point you have to just decide that different isn't a bad thing and redefine what black is for yourself.