December 31, 2009

Hair/Health Goals for 2010

The versatility of natural hair (both pictures taken a few weeks apart)

Over the past 12 months my hair has grown considerably. I will be trying out a few new product lines in early 2010 and continuing to use mostly all natural and/or organic products. It is important for me to keep my routine simple and yet effective while maintaining the health of my hair.

The major challenges with my hair is single knots on my hair strands and split ends. This is crazy because I do everything I am suppose to do - low manipulation, minimal combing, gentle cleansers, oiling my ends, and moisturizing my hair, and yet I still have so many split ends and splits that are appearing in the middle of the length of my hair, boo! I use to cut either the knots or split ends when I saw them, now I just leave them and do my quarterly trims. I just trimmed about a week ago and it made a big difference with making combing my hair easier.
These are some of the steps I will continue to do and some changes I'm anticipating:
  • Continue to drink plenty of water
  • Start taking Biotin supplements in January
  • Consume fresh fish twice a week
  • Consume raw or steamed vegetables 5+ a week
  • Consume more lentils
  • Lessen the products I use that contain silicones to 1 - 2 products
  • Try Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Nourishing Conditioner and some other brands I've been eyeing for months
  • Shop where my dollar is appreciated and where I am treated with respect.

The health of my hair is more important than gaining length, I really want to concentrate on being healthier and doing new things, the best time is now!

Do you have any hair/health goals for 2010?

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Christine said...

Some good changes there. I really plan to focus more on my hair health than length while i'm transitioning. I also plan on not buying so many products because it becomes hard to tell what works for my hair.

I love your site, it's my favorite natural hair blog. Update more!

P.S. Love your hair!