December 4, 2009

Naturally Loved: Part Fourteen

This whole journey has instilled patience in me. Patience to style my hair, patience to comb my hair, patient to grow my hair and so on. It may seem overwhelming at first when your hair lacks length as you stare into the mirror picturing it past your shoulders and beyond.

I dealt with the growth process in stages. When my hair was less than an inch and I couldn't 'catch' my edges when I twisted or braided my hair I made that a goal. Than when I couldn't get my hair into any type of hair bands or ponytail holders I made that a goal. I went from many bands down to six, than four, than three, than two and now one. My growth process has been about stages because it helps me put my hair into perspective and not become overwhelmed and believe untruths like 'our hair doesn't grow.'

Shrinkage also plays into this, techniques like banding, and styles like plaits help to stretch the hair and make it easier to manage and style. Shrinkage is very deceiving, my hair can shrink to appear to be 3 inches in length when its actually ten inches in some places. Our hair is naturally coily and curly so loving it is key in getting over any 'humps' that may threaten our journey. I did a post a few months ago called TWA Love, I took a step back to review why I felt like cutting my hair and to be honest I always feel like cutting my hair as summer winds down, why? I'm pretty sure its because of the change in weather and the way it effects my hair and scalp. I always have to do alot of clarifying at the end of summer to stop the itching I get around that time of year and my hair just becomes so dry. I recognized this and now I know it is a seasonal thing and I panicked.

This part of my journey taught me that knowing our hair is so essential in caring for it, you know your hair better than anyone else. Finding those tricks and techniques and setting goals in the growth of your hair will help you in the beginning stages and through the in between stage.

Happy Growing,


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