November 30, 2009

Black Soap as a Hair Cleansing Agent: Part One

I have been using the Eli's brand Liquid Black Soap to cleanse my hair and it was not doing a fantastical job like I had hoped. My bar of Black Soap finished so I found this laying around and thought why not? I washed my hair six times last night and product residue and dirt was still coming out of my hair and scalp, I hadn't washed my hair for about 3 weeks, just co-washing so that may have something to do with it but I do feel six washes is excessive. The crazy thing about it is my hair is so soft even after that many washes. I am convinced that the brand of Black Soap determines the quality, not every Black Soap is made equal.

My hair is still not clean the way I would like it to be, I'm itching to use a sulfate shampoo, we'll see. This is just an update on using Black Soap as a cleansing agent for hair, so far I have mixed reviews.


Elom said...

I recently purcharsed black soap from butters-n-bars dot com. for 3.99 you get an 8 ounce . Its a huggeeee chunk. Try it out. Reviews all over youtube if you want to see for urself.

Tiffany,Ebony Intuition said...

Black soap for cleansing hair , interesting.

Nu Kynk said...


I heard about Butters-N-Bars and am very interested trying out her products. Her site is so informative, thanks!

Nu Kynk said...


The bars works good for me, I don't know about the liquid kind as yet.