November 25, 2009

Henna: After Deep Conditioning

Product Used

Aveda Dry Remedy Treatment Masque (Deep Conditioner)

My hair had a slight brownish-red tint to it which I'm fine with since it's subtle. The reason why I tried the henna was to try a natural source of strengthening my hair. I love the results, my hair is stronger my coils were popping and I had plenty of body. One thing that I experienced with this henna was that it's hard to rinse out. Be careful to rinse rigorously since after a few days of using the henna it stained my pillow cases when I went to bed. I had to co-wash a few days after because so much of the pigment was still in my hair. In my opinion this is the only draw back but if you have used henna before than you know this is common place.

Henna is definitely a product I will use regularly, most likely every 6 months to maintain my hair's strength and luster.

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