November 18, 2009

Skin Care: Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap

Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap is as pure as it gets. I was eyeing this soap for almost a year when I was still heavily addicted to my Dove soap bars and wasn't sure if it would 'work', so I passed it by until a few weeks ago when I made a conscious decision no longer use tallow based soaps but instead to use all natural and vegetable based soaps.

I am very please I made this choice. Kiss my Face is an amazing brand, I encourage anyone who wants to lessen synthetic or animal based products in their routine to check out this brand. As most of you already know I am a dedicated user of Kiss My Face Big Body Shampoo and Conditioner, so I wasn't in the dark concerning the quality products they offer.

This huge bar of soap cleans my skin effectively and leaves it soft and smooth. I love that it is fragrance free since I have sensitive skin and it has very few ingredients so it is great for people who have adverse reactions to many ingredients put into products nowadays. Another point I would like to make is the price verse amount. The bar of soap is 230 g or 8.0 oz, when I used Dove bars a 4 pack cost just under $4.00 CAD and each bar is 90 g so (90 g x 4 = 360 grams of soap), basically what I am saying is that the Kiss My Face soap is also around $4.00 CAD for a bar and for one and a half bars less of product you get natural goodness with Kiss My Face. You do spend a little bit more but the quality you get is amazing and the bar last a long time.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Chloride

Bye Bye Dove, I found a new love (It was just too easy, I had to say it!lol)


Lesli D.Corbin said...

OK--so I, too, am addicted to Dove. Plus my daughter--who has eczema & sensitive skin--seems to be able to use nothing else without a break out or flare up. I;m willing to give it a try, but I am not sure for her.

b. said...

I am so super glad someone has finally blogged about this soap!!! I LOVE it and it's all I use. I switched to Dove in college after an eczema breakout. Like you, I was tired of it and wanted a change. Kiss My Face olive oil is *all I buy*. My husband uses another bar, so my bar of soap lasts me nearly a month. Yes, one big bar (they sell two sizes). I cannot use it on my face, but my husband noticed a difference in my skin almost immediately. He told me after a week or two (and still does) just how soft my skin is. LOVE the KMF Olive Oil Soap.

Nu Kynk said...


I totally agree, my skin is so soft and it is all natural! We have had our blinders on, society is always pushing chemicals when all we need to use is plants and herbs to maintain our skin!

Nu Kynk said...


I don't think you will be disappointed.

gillaine said...

I'm gonna try this soap. I've been looking for an an all natural bar. What store do you get it at?

Nu Kynk said...


If you live in the GTA area you can get it at Superstore in the organic area, Wal-Mart, Zellers and you may get it at some Shopper's Drug Marts

Hope this helps!