November 8, 2009

Techniques: Mid-Week Steam Treatments

We have talked at length about the products we use in our hair but the most important part of hair care is technique. With the right technique we can achieve healthier hair and protect our hair against unnecessary damage. A quick technique that has helped my styles stay fresh like my mini twists is doing a mid - week steam treatment.

This is so easy, it won't take too much time to do. I simply take my avocado oil which is in an applicator bottle and place it directly on my scalp and throughout my hair before I have a shower or bath (be careful not to use too much avocado oil since it spreads very easily). After applying your desired amount work very gently through your hair and scalp and than jump into the shower or bath and enjoy about 20 to 30 minutes of the natural steam from your shower treating your hair. When I come out my hair has so much movement and is so soft, I love it!
Of course you can do this technique with you favourite hair oil.

Try it out and tell me how it works for you.


CallaLily said...

Hi Nu Kynk: I really love your blog and wanted to share an award with you. Please check out my blog to receive it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does adding oil before steaming in the shower help cut down on frizz? I would really like to try this, since I am still trying to maintain moisture in my hair, and I prefer to style once every 2 weeks. Thank you. =)

Nu Kynk said...


I've been using avocado oil and I can say that it does help with frizz. The avocado oil seems to control 'puffiness' and keeps my curls and coils defined even after my hair has dried from the steam treatment.

Hope this helps:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nu Kynk for posting information about the mid-week steam treatment. I did try it, but I had to add a small amount of oil to my hair after steaming in the shower, because otherwise my hair would lock out the moisture due to the oil. I have done the steam treatment for several days since last week and it really has made my hair really soft! I am SO glad I tried it. Thank you for the helpful tip! Any way that I can increase the moisture in my natural hair is useful and beneficial. =)

Nu Kynk said...

@Anonymous (two)

Np:) I'm so happy it works for you!

Angela said...


I just found out your blog today and i'm loving it :D congrats

About the mid-week steam treatment have you ever tried it on twists? would you advise it?

Nu Kynk said...


Thank you! Mid-week steam treatments on twists are fantabulous!