March 20, 2010

Nightly Combing and Brushing / Plus The Silicone Debate

Over the past two weeks I've been combing or brushing my hair in sections before bed. I use a wide tooth comb or my Jilbere brush. I've noticed a difference in the fewer amounts of knots I get. Why do I think this is working for me?

My hair is very coily and curly. When my hair is left to its own devices it seems to coil in on it self and than knot. By combing or brushing my hair my ends stay elongated which prevents my ends from coiling in on themselves. I simply, lightly wet my hair each night with water using my spray bottle which reactivates the leave-in conditioner and moisturizer in my hair and use my wide tooth comb to detangle my hair, twist and than place in a bantu knot (chini-bump) for bed. This has worked very well and I will post a follow up. Every other night I use shea butter or my pomade on my ends to keep them moist while twisting.

The no-comb method seems to have caused more knots in my hair since I just 'leave my hair'. I probably detangle or comb/brush my hair four to five times a week. As long as my hair is well conditioned and moisturized my hair is fine. Also, the use of water or steam enables my hair to maintain a high moisture level. During my baths I allow the steam to do 'its thing' with my hair, sometimes I add avocado oil or I spray my hair while setting it for bed.

I have also stopped using products that have silicones and petro-chemicals since I think the silicones in products coat my hair than leads to dry ends which allows my ends to knot more easily. My ends knots excessively only when I use silicone based conditioners, so I stay away from them.

Conditioners That Are Silicone Free

Aubrey Organics
Kiss My Face
Nature's Gate
Dr. Bronners (Conditioner Rinse)

These are just a few brands that make exceptional conditioners for our hair needs that have no silicones added. Please read the Lustrasilk conditioners before purchasing, the best ones to use is the Shea Butter Cholesterol Plus and the Organic Cholesterol with Argan Oil (will review soon).

I will definitely go more in depth discussing silicones and our hair and the benefits of not using them if you are experiencing the same trauma after using silicone based conditioners.


Chrissystina said...

I notice more knots when I don't comb my hair, either. These kinks really like to curl into themselves, so I have to be extr careful. I'm always scared that brushing or combing my ends will lead to thinning, but not combing them leaves to a thousannd knots.

I will try this for a week and see how it works for my hair.
Great post!

Nu Kynk said...


Yes, tell me how it works out for you. Thanks:)

Milan said...

I couldn't agree with this more. The no-comb method is not for ya girl either. I twist or braid my hair up almost every night before bed and to cut down on manipulation, I comb every other night. I lose way less hair this way and fairy knots are a figment of my imagination now. :D

Nu Kynk said...

@ Milan

Yes, I totally agree with your nightly routine, it's exactly what I do. I comb my hair about 3 to 4 times a week now other than every night and moisturize my hair and ends as needed with shea butter or pomade. The No Comb Method wasn't doing it,lol!