March 10, 2010

Toronto Natural Bellas Gathering

When: Saturday March 13th beginning at 7.30 PM, official meet up begins at 9 PM
Where: Playtime Bowl @ 33 Samor Rd. (south of Orfus Rd.)

The Meet Up begins at 7.30 PM to eat and mingle and the start time for bowling @ Playtime Bowl is at 9 PM. Please e mail Mona to confirm if you are coming for the bowling portion or both eats and bowling. We will be divided into team(s) of six so please confirm with Mona if you are coming for the bowling portion so that the reservations can be confirmed.

The Details:

- 33 Samor Rd. Toronto, Ontario, M6A 1J2 (south of Orfus Rd.)
- $70 (includes tax) for two hours (divided by 6)
- $4 for shoe rental
- E mail Mona @

Mona's Details:

Please advise me 48 hours prior if you are not able to make it as this will give me a better sense of how many lanes we need. Also, lanes are only held for 10 minutes after which point we loose our lane/s plus my deposit, so lets be on time. Hope to see you all there, and be sure to bring products that you'd like to swap or sell.

On a somewhat related note, I cleaned out my hair stash the other day and thought how ridiculous it was that I had accumulated so many hair products. Ridick! Before cleaning out my cupboards, I could totally have stocked a small beauty supply shop, lol. I'm sure most of you can relate, so lets make it into a contest of sorts. Yup, we want to see your product stash. Just bring a picture of your budding product catalog to our next meet-up and we'll collectively decide on who the biggest hair junkie is. In addition to having an intervention for the winner, we will also send you to rehab with a $10 iTunes gift card. Be sure to invite your friends and fam as all are welcomed.

See you all soon,


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