March 25, 2010

Toronto Natural Bellas Gathering: Thank You!

From left to right: Faith, Natalie (me), Mona, & Tiffany

Faith - She won!!!

Sandra - She brought some great products for all of us to look at like Trader Joes which isn't in Canada as yet.

Mona - Always stylish, go girl!

Tiffany - I loved Tiffany's flat ironed hair, it looked so healthy and thick!

We need to definitely do this again and get the word out to all natural Bellas in Toronto that there is support out there to keep you motivated especially if you are a newbie. A few people didn't show up which was disappointing, I think it is important for all of to think of gatherings as important. It's a time for us to have fun, share stories, get motivated and get free products! Change starts with you and all of us that attended are more than happy to give you feedback on our experience through this journey.


Sultana said...

Looking good ladies. I like Mona's hairstyle, it really defines those healthy curls.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this bella:-) Still working on getting us on FB, chat soon.


Nu Kynk said...

@ MO,

Yes, can't for that:)

Nu Kynk said...


Totally agree

Stacy said...

when is the next Bella gathering.. the more i see pics, the more i am tempted to join :)