April 8, 2009

My Final Say On Sulfates, Silicones and Petro-Chemicals

I think we can all agree that maintaining healthy hair does not take a lot of products to achieve optimal health. The techniques and styling tools can make a big difference in growth and retaining length. I have had many discussions with naturals both men and women and for the most part they rely on a few products, some of which contain sulfates, silicones and petro-chemicals and yet their hair is on point. Over the weekend I pulled out Aubrey Organics Island Naturals Shampoo to cleanse my hair, not because I like it but because I'm trying to use it up, it's not at all my favourite shampoo. I must say this is the worst experience I've had with a shampoo, I had knots and split ends for days that weren't there before using the Island Naturals and had to trim about a centimeter off plus dust my ends, my hair was also very dry. My point is this - AO is all natural and organic as appose to my favourite shampoo, IC Tea Shampoo that contains sulfates but would never do my hair like that, I get bouncy soft hair every time I use it. If a product works for your hair then why stop if you have healthy flourishing hair?
Elasta QP DPR-11 has petro-chemicals in it but is by far the most effective and affordable deep conditioner I have tried, so its sticking around. And lets be honest with ourselves, every dollar counts, especially during these times. I swear by Herbal Essences (old packaging) it just gives my hair body and defines my curls nicely its $3 to $4 CAD as appose to my Nature's Gate Conditioners that can be $8 to $10 CAD, if my conditioner finishes and I need to do a co-wash I'm not going to make a special trip to the health food store to get them when Wal-Mart or Zeller's has Herbal Essences right down the street from me.
Mixing your stash with premium quality products, products found at your local black beauty supply store and at retailers like Wal-mart makes sense. Products like Hairobics do wonders and so does the DRP-11, these are both different grades of product but they deliver. The list below are products I have heard work and are readily available and some of my own that I love:

Elasta QP DPR-11 (petro-chemicals)
IC Tea Shampoo (sulfates)
Taliah Wajid Hair Strengthener (petro-chemicals)
L'oreal Vive Pro Hydra-Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner (just bought, will review soon) (sulfates and silicones)
Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Hair Treatment with Mink Oil (petro-chemicals)
Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor (petro-chemicals and silicones)
Herbal Essences Conditioner (silicones)
Motions Conditioner Nourish Leave-In (silicones)

What are some of your favourite BBS and retail products?

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Dαsια ♥ said...

Some of my favorite products are Aphogee, Tresseme, Organix, Organic Root Stimulator, and Fantasia IC.