April 6, 2009

Naturally Loved: Part Six

Clutter can hold us back in so many ways in our lives. We have dreams and aspirations but are distracted by what is around us and by what we think. Clutter can appear in relationships both professional and personal, by things we keep around us and in how we view ourselves. Having the goal of growing strong healthy natural hair is just one example among many of how we can clear clutter out of our lives in order to attain this goal. This is easily said than done, having positive relationships around us during transition and beyond is of course a solid way to avoid negative views of your choice to embrace your natural hair. This sometimes means communicating to someone that may be misinformed to the versatility of natural hair. Holding on to ideas of how you cared for chemically treated hair and applying it to caring for natural hair is a losing battle, you will not win. Clear your mind of the "old way" of taking care of your hair and research this new chapter in your life. These are all distractions meant to hinder your progress. "Old way" thinking such as "My hair wont grow if natural, relaxers help me to retain length"; "Natural hair is rough and is rarely soft"; "Its normal for my hair to break off and than grow back in cycles"; "Natural hair won't look good on me"; "If I see someone with healthy looking natural hair it must be a weave or she's mixed with something." I can say so much to address these excuses but I'll say this - they are all lies, don't believe them. You will or may have already heard them from people in your life. Educate them if appropriate and keep it moving. Don't compromise from your plan and let the growing begin.
Happy Growing,


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