May 2, 2009

Naturally Loved: Part Seven

I am so excited about the progress being made with many men and women embracing their natural hair. whether it be loose or loc'ed I am amazed at the page we are turning in our community. I do hope that it last and we can learn to love every aspect of our "Blackness." Black is beautiful, unique ... It is worth loving you and not loving what people view you as. Their is an emerging transformation taking hold throughout the African diaspora.
Hair is huge within the black community, black women spend more money and time on our tresses then any other demographic. Our hair is our crown and rightfully so. We are able to intrigue others with our hair, it is versatile, their is a wide variety of textures and the soft to the touch feel. We are blessed and the sooner we realize it, we will be able to heal issues that for so long has created barriers. Some women fear what their hair will look like, they fear handling their natural hair on a daily basis. I constantly see comments in articles, on blogs and forums of women stating that "natural hair isn't for me," I do find these comments frustrating since what other race would say such a thing ... none! Imaging a white women or Hispanic woman coming across an article with this type of statement? I would find it quite weird to be honest and would see a glimpse of self-hate.

Men and women around me for the most part have supported me in embracing my natural hair. I don't find it difficult to date with my natural hair and I do not run into any negative situations at my place of employment. I bring these two points up because many women use these arguments to discourage themselves from embracing their natural hair. The words "professional looking" and "acceptable" come to mind. I recently saw a woman in a nation wide broadcast on naturally kinky, coily and curly hair state that relaxed hair looks "professional." She was eluding to the belief that natural hair isn't professional and therefore a hindrance in the corporate environment.

The statement above is hogwash to be polite, don't believe the lies. Get up and love yourself. Education is important when faced with ignorant comments. Products are becoming easier and easier to find, alternatives are available to harsh styling products that are natural and/or organic. Products like shea butter, coconut oil, and castile soaps are easy to find if you look. Don't be discourage, what doesn't break you will make you stronger.

Happy Growing,



caramelcurly said...

i feel (my opinion---remember that) that the increased amount of individuals embracing what was naturally given to them is a monsoon of accepting one's self and shaking off the wishes of others. too much stock is put into what others (society, men, friends, etc.) will think of you. as long as you aren't doing anything to please yourself that harms or endangers another what business is it of someone else. the same people who have issue with what you do would lose their mind if you dared to question them about something. F* what others think--do you---and what needs to be in your life will be set before you. (once again...just my opinion)

Anonymous said...

Natalie, good point. You can still rock a natural and be acceptable or proffesional at the same time.

Butterfly73 said...

I just read this post and OMG I love it! Thank you for posting, and keep it up.

Vanessa said...

Though everyone's experiences are different, I have never felt that my natural hair somehow hindered my upward mobility in the workforce or my career field. Nor I have I ever felt that it excluded me from partaking i certain social events or made me feel out of place. If anything what I value greatly is that it's so different from what was once the norm. At the end of the day if you don't luv yourself for who you are then you really have a long way to go and your self validation truly isn't up to anyone else's acceptance. Anyways it's easier said then doen for many so what can ya do but offer encouragement and info right.

First time I've seen your blog, just joined :)

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. I haven't started working yet, but I'm looking for a job since I have recently finished my first year of university and if someone questions my negatively I will simply bring them aside and say "you can wear your hair in it's natural state, but I cannot" and simply walk away.

As you said it is hogwash and I wish others will realize this as well.