May 8, 2009


Over the past few weeks I've noticed that when doing business or out running errands both men and women tend to push the boundaries.
What I mean by that is certain attitudes that they had toward me would be suppressed or not as boldly displayed if a man was in my company. The first example is I called an agency for a fax number which is public knowledge since they are a government organization. I wasn't close to a computer so the next best thing was to call them up. The lady I was speaking to refused to give me the number because she wanted to review all the details on my account first and threatened to transfer me back into the queue because I didn't want her to put me on hold so that she could "look for it." I explained to her that by law if a client doesn't want to be placed on hold than she is not suppose to and furthermore cannot threaten to transfer a client back into the queue because of my request. I was in a public place and a gentleman over heard my conversation and yelled toward my phone "just give her the number." The woman over heard him and amazingly backed off and gave the number, she even had the nerve to ask me "if that was all for today."
My second incident was at the gas station. The pump I was using didn't have a stable lever so after a while of pressing it, it released its pressure and the gas stopped flowing. I dealt with a 'gas Nazi' since after changing pumps this crazed employee came out telling me I had no right to change pumps and he had the nerve to shut down my pump! It gets more crazy... I had to go into the store which was packed and tell him to open my pump and that the original pump I was at wasn't working properly and that's why I moved to another pump. He of course hesitated, the store was filled with men and they started making noise and he finally said "alright I'll let you pump your gas."
I give these two stories because it seems when I encounter strangers in business or while doing errands those that assume that I am single take a more harsh approach toward me, and that is a definite no no! I do not tolerate foolishness at all. If these men were not present I may of had to fight harder for what I knew was right but because men were present it seemed that the person in opposition backed down much more quickly. When I have a steady boyfriend I don't have these situations arise. It's about respect, when I walk with my man I feel a weight lift off of my shoulders, if an issue arises I know he will handle it. It's crazy but that's the world we live in.


ChocolateOrchid said...

Hi Nu Kynk! It's funny you posted on this b/c I've noticed the same thing and had similiar thoughts about the way I'm treated as a single woman as opposed to when I have a man. Even though I understand our society is like that, it still bothers me a little bit. Respect, fairness, and equal opportunity should be given regardless. Sadly, as a single woman I find that I have to put a little "fight" into some of my everyday dealings.
I feel ya on this.

Nu Kynk said...

I never really paid attention to this until recently. At first when it started happening I thought it was me and than I realized through talking with friends that this is how it is until they have their man. They would go some place alone and get mediocre service and than go again with their man and it was like a 360 turn. I guess I have to start asking some of my guy friends to come with me places:)