May 30, 2009

Qhemet Biologics NOW @ HoneyFig Retail!

I am excited to announce that HoneyFig retail is now carrying select Qhemet Biologics products (Amla & Oilve Heavy Cream, Burdock Root Butter Cream, and the Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee). This is amazing, I am so happy! Anyone else who is a Qhem Fanatic like myself will understand!
If you want to see more product selection from Qhemet Biologics at HoneyFig retail please let this be known at :
Qhemet Biologics
10006 Cross Creek Blvd. #439
Tampa, Florida 33647 or


4967 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M2N 5N6 Canada
(416) 226-2100 or 1 888 82 HONEY


Kinky Rhonnie said...



~Kinky Rhonnie

Nu Kynk said...

@Kinky Rhonnie

Np;) I was more than happy to post this info!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, do you know what the prices are like?

Nu Kynk said...


The prices are:

Burdock Root Butter Cream $30
Alma/Olive Heavy Cream $30
Detangling Ghee $26

Hope this helps:)

Olivia said...

I just bought the Alma/Olive Heavy Cream from HoneyFig, but I saw your review and I'll keep this for winter instead. Do you know if it expires?


Nu Kynk said...

Hi Olivia,

Qhemet Biologics products are good any where from 6 months to a year if stored in a cool, dry, and dark place like your linen closet. I stock up on Qhemet products so I put my Amla and Olive Heavy Cream in the fridge into a zip lock bag this prolongs the shelf life. It keeps it fresh until I'm ready to use it.