May 12, 2009

What Is Good Hair?

Today Tyra Banks' episode What is Good Hair? aired today at 1 PM. I was unable to watch the full episode but I did watch the preview and I must say I was very concerned with the comments and actions of the guests on the show. Unfortunately, in 2009 some women of African descent are unapologetic when making ignorant comments that are not based in reality. I am open to comments if you saw the show and what do you think of the preview video, thanks.


Laquita said...

I was not able to watch earlier today but I'm trying to stay up so I can see it in about another hour 1am - I'll be back to comment.

Ebony Intuition said...

I saw the clip, and honestly this is only showing proof that black women are the blame for continuing this ignorance of good hair vs bad hair on to both their male and female children. Where do we think young girls pick up their self esteem from? where do we think boys learn to judge females based on their looks?

When i have children in the future, my children will NOT be exposed to this, because i don't want their mind filled up with continuing this foolishness.

Nu Kynk said...

@ Ebony

So true, The panel of guests were all women who were perpetuating this nonsense. These women have girls and boys to raise and it is true that both look up to their mother to form an identity of who they are and what beauty is. Fathers are protectors and providers. Mothers NURTURE the mind, body and soul of a child. This is a poor example of what a mother is suppose to do to instill pride in her child of who she/he is.

Laquita said...

Apparently my TV lisitng was wrong - the show that aired yesterday was a previous one - I still have yet to see it. I've only read reviews and saw several clips - from what I saw the panel was not well put together - I think the Tyra show should check out the natural hair blog community for panelists and do a follow up show.

Nu Kynk said...

@ Laquita

I agree that the producers should have done more research regarding the information presented. It came across as a "freak show" if you know what I mean. Most African Americans are not that extreme in their inability to appreciate their natural hair. I do hope that the natural lady on the panel did past on blog spots, and forums to assist the woman thinking about embracing her natural hair.