February 6, 2010

Naturally Loved: Part Sixteen

Rising above the comments of others is a true testament to your character and the strength you hold. It is invaluable to have this trait in life. You can use this power to overcome negative influences and cluster among people who see life through positive lenses and connect ideas to see opportunity where others see obstacles.

Embracing your natural hair opens you up to perspectives on life that may have been hidden from you. You may have thought that most people see our hair in a similar light but may have been in awe at the thought processes of people who view your experience from an outside lens or who actually have highly textured hair like yourself but has not yet reached the level of understanding that you have regarding your hair and to a larger extend beauty.

Over the past week I have worn my loosened twists which I set each night into chini-bumps to maintain the set throughout the week. I've gotten stares at work and a few comments of 'how cute' it looks. My hair is professional and it is acceptable. We can define who we are and can shape how people view us by our hair and how we carry ourselves. We have that power and much more. When you are comfortable with yourself people see that and have to respect who you are. If you experience negative comments usually it is because people wish they could be you or they wish they could have the spirit you have. They themselves are too afraid to break out of their shell and announce their true selves. Many people want to fit a mold and follow trends. Being natural is not a trend but a lifestyle, it you being you.

We can use our hair to start conversations about how we care for our hair, how it is a lifestyle and that you are not just going through a 'phase', this is you. Keep close to those who encourage you and avoid people who want to place you in a box for their own comfort. Your beauty is much more than that!

Happy Growing,


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Chrissystina said...

"Our hair is professional."
Damn right.