February 7, 2010

Product Review: Karen's Body Beautiful Roll On In Vanilla Latte

I was excited to try the Karen's Body Beautiful Roll On in of course Vanilla Latte. This compact oil based roll on really packs a lot of fragrance and its all natural! I put some on my wrists and on my neck and my mom was like "I smell vanilla, it smells good" and we were about three feet from each other which is great, you don't have to be concerned if people around you can smell it, they will!

Karen's Body Beautiful carries the Roll On in 11 fragrances including Egyptian Musk, Creamy Coco Mango, and Pomegranate Guava. The scent lingers for a few hours which means that if you intend to wear it on a daily basis you may have to apply it multiple times throughout the day to maintain the strength of the fragrance. I don't mind that the scent settles and looses some of its strength, to me it makes the fragrance more intimate and its an all natural oil based fragrance so this is expected.

Performance: The fragrance lingers for a hours and is settles very nicely. The scent isn't too strong but in my opinion just right. 2/2

Price: .3 oz for 12.00 USD, the price point is a little high but it does come down to the uniqueness of the fragrance which would be hard to come by with another company. 1.5/2

Ingredients: Fragrance and/or Essential Oil and Jojoba Oil 1/1

Karen's Body Beautiful Roll ON 4.5/5


savvybrown said...

so this one worked out better for you? I remember the hair products didn't work out for you so well...

Nu Kynk said...


yes the fragrance on my skin is fine... the hair product wasn't, too bad though.

Chrissystina said...

I just read an article about Karen's Body Beautiful on the Clutch Magazine site. I love that her and her husband are about their business! I'm disappointed to hear that you didn't like the hair products though. They were definitely on my "If I had $100 extra bucks for hair produts" wish list, lol

Nu Kynk said...

@ Chrissystina

I think her body products are better for me, when I say I was disappointed it is an understatement.