February 27, 2010

Bethann Hardison: Editor-at-Large for Vogue Italia

I'm so excited to hear the news that Bethann Hardison has been named Editor-at-Large for Vogue Italia! She was the first black sales woman in the Garment District of New York and has pushed tirelessly to have diversity within the fashion industry.

With the success of the All Black Issue which hit news stands in July 2008, the demand to see Black models in print and on the runway has grown. Vogue Italia has also just launched Vogue Black, which is dedicated to Black models and issues in fashion.

I am so proud of Bethann Hardison, I know she will bring fresh and vibrant ideas all while highlighting our beauty.


Milan said...

I luv it. This is so exciting and it's about time. :D

MsFACTOR said...

It's about time Vogue stepped up their game!!! That's great news

Raqueio said...

Amen, god is good!!

The Ethical Fashion Missionary said...

it is great to see vogue stepping up their game. the feb 2011 issue of vogue italia is impressive and was orchestrated by hardison. check out the full story here: http://ethos-diseno-blog.tumblr.com

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