December 15, 2008

Au Naturelle Update

Over the past few weeks I have really embraced a minimalist approach to hair care although I'm still working on my routine and learning what my hair likes and dislikes, wow, it really is a journey. As 2009 approaches I'll be going into my third year natural with natural and organic products for the most part and some products that I still love for those sometimes occasions, I can't help myself. Over the weekend I bought Artisana Raw Organic Coconut Butter for my ends, this sounds delicious more so than the coconut oil. I will be writing a review on it over the next few months. Right now during the winter months my Kariderm Organic Shea Butter is really doing a great job.

My hair is really growing, I know I said I'll be posting pics so please be patient. Last week I put my hair up in a puff and it was puffing real nicely. A nice sized puff might I add. I'm lovin' my natural hair, what took me so long?

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