December 18, 2008

Combs and Brushes For Us

It's so important to have the tools to maintain our hair. A few things that are consistently needed for combing our hair is wide teeth to avoid breakage and knotting and a the comb that is seamless also helps to prevent our hair from snagging on the comb. Resin and wood combs are great to achieve these two criterias. Brushes that have firm bristles with a cushion are great. A favourite is Denman since it always gets the job done with minimum trauma to the hair. I compiled some great combs and brushes that take hair care to another level.

Solano Wood CombLLLLLLLLLKaKaKiKi KombBrushLLLLLLLLLLThe Body Shop Detangling Comb

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Ghair 100% Organic Resin LLLLLLL Ghair 100% Organic ResinLLLLLLLThe Little Original Sprout
Detangler CombLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLTangle Free Detangler Comb LLLLLLTextured Hair Comb
Here are some sites that have great comb and brushes for Us:
Tek - They have a great collection of wooden combs and brushes.
Ghair - Resin combs are AMAZING, I love the Tangle Free Detangler Comb. Their products can be purchased at Honey Fig.
Americombs - These hand crafted combs are like collector items, check them out.
KaKaKiKi Komb Brush - Was specifically design for African-American hair.

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