March 11, 2009

Esther Fleurival: Naturally Me ... My Natural Hair Journey

This short documentary of Esther Fleurival's experiences as a young natural woman is an honest account of some of the obstacles we navigate when embracing our natural tresses, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

May be off topic as I haven't watched the video yet. I'm guessing she talks about black men and their view of natural hair. That said, how do you think natural sisters in Toronto are received by black men? or even men in general?

Nu Kynk said...

The video does briefly touch on that subject but is moreso her personal acceptance of her natural hair.
Black men in Toronto have different taste just like women. I have met men that may not "get it" and feel that my hair is being used to make a statement or they may be lost as to why I chose to embrace my natural hair. Also, their are men who LOVE natural sistas and see it as a huge plus when dating that lady and some dont mind either way as long as her hair "looks good."
You asked about men in general, I haven't run into men of other ethnicities or races that have ever made my hair an issue. The difficulty in accepting our hair is more of a phenomenon within the Black community than anywhere else. That ofcourse is a whole discussion on its own, its all about education and accepting who we are and what we represent.