March 22, 2009

Valana Minerals

I have been hearing amazing things about Valana Minerals. Valerie created Valana Minerals because of the frustration with having negative reactions to beauty products filled with unhealthy chemicals and synthetic ingredients. I am so ready to try her products. I have never tried minerals before and have researched many mineral cosmetics companies. Valana Minerals seems to be winning! Have any of you tried mineral make up, how do you like it and what brands do you use? To visit Valana Minerals click here.


Valerie R. (Valana Minerals) said...

Thank you so much for mentioning our company, products and 'me' on your blog. We love hearing from our customers and you should contact customer service if you have any questions about choosing a foundation shade or have other questions. Take care and thanks again for helping to spread the word about Valana Minerals. Valerie R. (Valana Minerals)

Nu Kynk said...

Thank you for the support and np:)!