September 1, 2009

Naturally Loved: Part Eleven

We live in a world that prizes conformity and predictable behaviour. When we step outside of those boxes we may be ridiculed and coerced to abandon our journey in life and fit into what society expects of us. It take boldness and a comfort with your self to ignore what others say. These people may come in the form of friends and family, colleagues at work or even strangers who feel it is their duty to say what you should and should not do.

Our goals are sacred seeds that needs to be watered regularly if they are to come to fruition. Each of us knows the path we need to take in order to let what has already been seen by our spirit to now be seen in the physical. We can hear that voice nudging us to action, speaking things we already know. Whatever the circumstance is that voice always is speaking to us. People in your life may not understand why you choose to do what it is you do. They may step away from you, talk behind your back and even spread rumours. During these times being bold and unapologetic is what will deflect their ignorance. Leaders always experience this because they can see what most people cannot see, they are able to tune into a frequency that most have not mastered.

I have always been told that I was different, I always stood out from the crowd and it was not because I tried. After so many years of fighting my "different" status I am over joyed to accept who I am and honestly I could care less who wants to talk, I use it as my motivation.

Happy Growing,


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Divalocity said...

I concur. Life's too short to let others define who you are and I refuse to waste my precious life doing so. Just imagine how the world would be if the majority of the people thought this way?