October 30, 2009

Dry Conditioning

Dry Conditioning is a great way to deep condition your hair without first cleansing or clarifying. When I dry condition it is usually 3 to 4 days after I have cleansed. Sometimes when I cleanse I don't have time to deep condition and resort to doing so in the week.

From my experience with this method it is best done on hair that does not have products in it that have silicones or petro-chemicals since these ingredients can coat the hair and prevent the conditioner from being effective. My hair had shea butter and natural oils in it so I simply saturated my hair with the conditioner and slightly dampened my hair to allow the conditioner to hold to my hair better and to add moisture to my hair strands to activate the conditioner. After doing so I covered my hair with a conditioning cap and than on top of that I tied on my satin scarf and went to bed. In the morning I rinsed out the conditioner and my hair was singing!

This is a good method for a winter regime since it allows us to avoid cleansing our hair and scalp too often which allows us to retain as much moisture as possible. If you use all natural and organic products this is a great method since your hair isn't coated with products that need heavy clarifying to allow the conditioner to penetrate. If you don't feel like cleansing your hair frequently you can use this method weekly until you cleanse whether that be within two weeks to a month.


Bronze Trinity said...

This is how I deep condition most of the time. Its more convenient because I don't have to get into the shower and do a wash first. I just wet my hair a bit, add conditioner, and do the rest of the things you did. Then I don't have to take a shower at night and then first thing in the morning to condition my hair. I just stick to my morning showers. I think it works well :)

Nu Kynk said...

@Bronze Trinity

I totally agree, I love this method!

Laine Didi Lina said...

Nice blog Girl!!