September 20, 2008

Going Organic: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner

Over the past few months I have been doing a lot of research on organic verses commercial. Now their are benefits to treating your hair with organic products but that is not enough. Plenty of water, fruits and vegetable and exercise help to complete the switch to a healthier lifestyle.
Last night I tried out Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner as a co wash. It cost 12.95 at Noah's in downtown Toronto so I'm pretty sure I was over charged. I co washed and than did an ACV rinse by doing half Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar with half water, shook it in a applicator bottle and than applied it concentrating on my scalp. I than messaged my scalp for a minute and covered with a plastic cap as I finished in the shower. Before I came out I rinsed it out and applied a dollop amount of conditioner in my hands again and messaged into my hair and scalp and rinsed just a bit so I had a little extra conditioning after the ACV rinse.
Well, the all-natural and organic Aubrey did add body and softness to my hair. It felt a little bit different than my regular Herbal Essences co wash. Aubrey did not silken my hair as Herbal Essences does which I like but instead made it more voluminous with softness. It did define my curls and left them fluffy. I do think I need to try this out for a while longer before I give my final verdict but so far so good.
I love the fact that it is ultra creamy and rich in texture and has a pleasant scent. the only draw back is the price. I go through conditioner quickly so we will see!


Soude! said...

This post is fairly old (I just found your blog and was going through all of your posts- awesome blog BTW) so this might be weird/irrelevant but I think the fluffiness in the curls might be overconditioning. I haven't used the HSR conditioner but I too have fine hair and when I use conditioners dedicated to moisture alone, I also get defined but really fluffy hair.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog today. But, I love AOHSR. I got mine from the Vitamin Shoppe on sal for $8.15. I think the regular price is around $10 in my area(Hampton Roads, VA). I have also heard from some others that you can get it a Whole Foods too- we dont have one around here so I don't know for sure.