September 18, 2008

To Trim or To Dust

When I first went natural I went on a strict hair care routine that included trims every two months. I usually trimmed about half an inch to an inch off and than I started to wonder why my hair was not growing at the rate I wanted it to. Well, of course I knew the answer so I stopped trimming so frequently and started dusting my ends about every week. What is dusting? Its basically when you selectively trim hairs that are split and in the case of curly and kinky hair when it becomes knotted. this has really helped me to retain my length in my second year of growth. Now I trim every four months sparingly (about half an inch).

I go through my hair randomly feeling my ends and when I feel a knot or see a split end I trim it. I do this usually at bed time after my shower when my hair is slightly damp. I than add in my moisturizer and coconut oil to seal my ends, wrap my hair with my satin scarf and off to bed.

This is a little more complicated. My hair is parted and braided or twisted neatly into about 40 to 45 sections. I than trim my ends. After doing each section I may unravel the ends of the braid or twist to check if their are any hairs that I missed and trim them, than re-braid or re-twist the ends. I than follow with my moisturizer, usually Qhemet Biologics Heavy Cream and seal with a light coat of coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. I than tie my hair with my satin scarf and off to bed.

I like dusting and trimming my hair before bed, I think it is out of habit. When I wake up though my hair is well moisturized and my ends are supple because the moisturizer and oil has time to penetrate my hair.

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