September 15, 2008

Nappy Anniversary

My two year Nappy Anniversary is this month and boy has my hair flourished. I will be posting pictures soon. I consider my hair 3c/4a type with most of my lose curls in the back with kinkier hair on my sides and in the middle. the top of my head is lush and thick with dense 4a curls. I'm loving Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream for winter months and the Olive Cream Conditioner and Detangler. I'm going to try the Tea Tree & Grapeseed Therapeutic Pomade for my dermatitis because the winter months can bring havoc to my scalp. I'll let you know the results for sure.

Lately though, I have been using Curls Milkshake and coconut oil for styling and my Herbal Essences conditions for co washes and my hair is really loving this combo. The Herbal Essences conditioner that I am in love with is from the old packaging. It's called Replenishing Conditioner for coloured/permed/dry/damaged hair with rose hips, vitamin E and jojoba. I use it for everything (night treatments with coconut oil and co washes). If you live in the Toronto area Walmart has a great promotion with Herbal Essences. If you purchase one of the old packaged 355 ml or 400 ml shampoos or conditioners you get a complimentary new packaged 300 ml shampoo or conditioner for free! Check it out because I'm stocking up and trying some of the new conditioners from Herbal Essences.

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