October 27, 2008

the Joys of Oils

Oils are great as a lubricant to hair and scalp and assist in the secretion of sebum for our scalp, they can be used as a:

Sealant after moisturizing
my favourites are EVOO and coconut oils. Apply to the entire length of the hair sparingly, paying special attention to your ends. This is great to assist the hair to maintain elasticity and as a buffer against any harsh elements that your hair may come into contact with (rough materials such as winter hats, scarves, and sudden changes in temperature such as very cold to hot air.)

Lubricant for scalp messages
my favourite oils for scalp messages is EVOO and sweet almond. I usually mix both these oils together along with a small amount of vitamin E oil, MSM sulphur and add in some peppermint and rosemary EO for a stimulating feeling. This is amazing for the health of your scalp since it softens growth when used regularly, aides in the natural production of sebum and aides with growth.

Added moisturizer when added to deep conditioners
my favourite oils for adding to deep conditioners are EVOO and Jamaican castor oil. I usually use the olive oil in the warmer months and the castor oil during winter. Add about 2 to 3 TBSPS of oil to the regular amount of conditioner you use, mix it all together and add the mixture to your hair messaging the conditioner into your scalp, cover with a conditioning cap and use with heat or without heat for as long as you like, voila!

Hot oil treatment
almost the same as the scalp message but used with heat and without sulphur. Hot oil treatments are intense treatments for lubricating the scalp and are great if you suffer from scalp ailments such as dandruff, dry scalp and dermatitis. Hot oil treatments assist in calming scalp ailments, stimulating sebum and in turn promoting growth. The oil when used with heat also adds luster, elasticity and strength to the hair.

Some oils that are on my to try list are:
Grapeseed oil
Neem oil
Jojoba oil

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