October 31, 2008

Naturally Loved: Part One

Your choice to go natural or if you have always been natural affirming your choice to have natural tresses may cause insecurities to arise as to how society will accept your God-given-hair. Women with kynky, coily and curly hair types may first assess the people around them and their reaction to their choice to have natural tresses. Friends and family may be critical, your spouse may have difficulty adjusting to such a change especially if it is drastic, and it may be hard to gage the reaction of colleagues at work. In the end it is about loving who you are and has nothing to do with people.

When I first decided to go natural with my big chop my family and friends were critical, not all, but enough that I found support online and women around me who already had natural hair. I realized that people who could not accept their natural hair texture had the issue and not myself. Our hair is unique and by no means should it be cared for in the manner that society dictates to us through the media that is geared to audiences that naturally have straight hair or who wants to maintain the status quo of what beauty is.

My insecurities went deeper to a level of acceptance by my significant other in my life. Would he accept my kynks and coils, the short length of my hair and the process of learning about apart of myself as a black woman? One of the first lessons I learned is that acceptance is a part of love and anyone who doesn't accept my choice to wear my hair natural is not worth keeping in my life. They have lost and I have gained so much knowledge that has laid a foundation of our history and remedies for maintaining beautiful hair and skin in my life!

From the many articles I've read over the years many women go through this process of insecurity. We are so use to wearing braids, weaves, wigs and relaxing our hair that when the time comes to go outside of our home with just an afro we have second thoughts. It is a mental chain and a lie that must be broken down and understood.

If you are thinking about going natural do research, my site is fairly new but their is a good level of information to help you out and visit
thecoilreview.com and motowngirl.com, they both have a wealth of information. Anyone and I cant stress this more, anyone with kynky, coily and curly hair can wear their hair natural, it's all about knowledge and commitment. Two heads are not the same so as I always say, what works for me may not work for you, it is about trial and error until you know what your hair's likes and dislikes, and trust me your hair will tell you.
Happy Growing,

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