October 6, 2008

No Poo Update

Over the weekend I took down my mini twists and was going to do a protein treatment with Aphogee, and realized that I completely forgot that I need a new blow dryer since the one I have just broke. My hair was dry and product filled. I am not using all natural products so I do think I need to shampoo my hair but I held on. I co washed and detangled. I had a lot of shedding and broken ends! This is something new for me because my ends never break. I think its product upon product causing my hair to rebel. Clarifying with ACV is great but I do think my hair needs a deep cleansing.
I single braided my hair into small sections with Curls Milkshake (still waiting for QB in the mail) and added coconut oil when I finished to seal. Before I went to bed I sealed my ends with shealoe (Shea butter with aloe vera gelly). I am leaving my hair and not touching it that much over this week, I may unravel a few braids to see if it is still breaking a lot but I'm pretty sure all I need to do is clarify with a shampoo, do my protein treatment, deep treatment and trim my ends and I'll be good to go. The two styles I will be wearing for the week is scarves and putting my braids into a bun until I can do my treatment for this weekend.
This no poo thing is getting kind of complicated, again with naturally kinky and curly hair you need to try to see what works and what doesn't for your hair. Trial and error, that's what it's about.

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