October 15, 2008

No Poo Results

I finally washed my hair over the weekend. The no poo thing was okay while it lasted but my hair likes a little bit of soapy suds every now and than and even some sulfates when used sparingly. I clarified my hair with Fantasia IC Tea Shampoo. The first time this shampoo was used on my hair was a few years ago at the salon and I went and bought it because it left my scalp clean, my hair bouncy, not dry and not itchy. I know it has sulfates but my low poo routine allows me to use non sulfate and sulfate cleansers. I also bought Aphogee Keratin Two Minute Reconstructor to strenghten my hair and after I used Elasta QP DPR-11 to add moisture, my hair thanked me and over the past few days it is stronger and flourishing way more than when I was on the no poo routine.

It is amazing how their are so many products and routines and a select few can work for someone and at the same time cause havoc for someone else's hair. My hair is all about minimalism, I notice that is when it is most happy, a great cleanser, deep conditioners and treatments, oils, oils and more oils and a moisturizer is reaaly all I need. As my hair grows I notice I do need to cleanse it more often, who would have thought:) ? I hope my no poo challlenge helped.

I will be trying the Aubrey Organics conditioner again, since my hair was not thoroughly cleaned before I used it. Plus I bought it and Im not about to let 13 bucks go to waste.

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