November 3, 2008

Ethically Produced Shea Butter

I just bought a jar of shea butter for 20 bucks from my local health food store. Why? Well, first I researched the distribution of shea butter and not all shea butter can be trusted as pure and organically grown. I chose Kariderm Shea Butter because it is Canadian owned, they import their own shea butter eliminating a third party, you will pay two and a half times more on average but the retail price incorporates Kariderm's standards of high quality shea butter that it asks of its partners. Also, they ethically produce their products with the women of Burkina Faso, the women of the Songtaaba women’s association ( These women are guaranteed better working conditions and higher wages for their work. Their are many projects in process at any given time that focus on hygiene, production and development of new products.
As for the product it self, I love it! Visit for more info.

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