November 13, 2008

The Frizz Factor

One of the main concerns naturals have is frizz. I know all about it and here are a few tips that will help reduce frizz from your hair:
Use gentle cleansers and rich conditioners to hydrate hair and smooth ends.
After cleansing apply product to soaking wet hair, try not to towel dry but squeeze excess water from your hair. If the water is a little too much for product to be applied, allow your hair to air dry a bit for a few minutes than apply your product.

Avoid using a towel after cleansing, the less friction the better

Avoid excess combing and brushing, your fingers are your best friends when it comes to styling and detangling. I usually comb my hair only when cleansing either before or after to get rid of knots and when styling for parting my hair. Invest in a great detangling comb like Ghair 100% Oraganic Tangle Free Resin Detangler Comb and a Denman Brush for styling.
Avoid touching your hair, especially when it is loosely styled. If your hair is braided or twisted you will also benefit from keeping your hands out since you will prevent knotting yours ends.

Avoid excess heat, blow drying can be damaging to your hair, especially your ends. If you do use heat use a product that is formulated to protect you hair, usually these products are heat activated.

Keep your hair well hydrated inside and out, drink plenty of water and invest in a good moisturize. A great serum is Elucence Silk Hydrating Elixir it works as a sealant, frizz fighter and light hydrator.

Avoid or keep to a minimum products that contain alcohol and sulfates since these ingredients are drying to our hair and promote frizz.

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