November 27, 2008

Naturally Loved: Part Two

The term product junky is used so often to describe someone that has what I would view as an obsession with hair products in an attempt to find the perfect product or combination of products that will deliver "perfect" hair everytime, this miracle product is never found. The product junky never wins since they always think their is a better product or that the latest products will cure their search for perfect hair but that day never comes.

I am a reformed product junky and it is hard not to want to try every conditioner, moisturizer, pomade and oils my eyes lay upon! I have to take a realistic approach to my hair texture, what my hair is able to look like, and the styles I can attain. Ofcourse their are high end products that deliver what they say they will do and worth spending your money on. And their are retail products found in beauty supply stores and places like Wal-mart that deliver too. So you have to know what works for your hair.

My search for the perfect product didn't have anything to do with "what I have doesn't work", although I was on a genuine search to find products that worked for me when I first went natural. It was more about me not able to embrace my hair texture and dedicate myself to learning how to treat it. The products were a mask, I used my constant 'inability' to find my miracle products as a reason to relax my hair or chop my hair several times before officially accepting who I am, A Black Woman! Sure I have my staples, and as my mother says if its not broke dont fix it. She is so right after all those years of her watching me buy product after product and waste my money.

Loving your hair and not using excuses to relax your hair because you may think your hair texture isn't soft, and silky and wont grow anyway because it never has (heard it all) are excuses to avoid who you are, plain and simple. This argument is based on beauty standards given to us and perpetuated from generation to generation. Some women have no idea of what they hair actually looks like because they have relaxed, weaved and braided their hair their whole life. That's sad!

It is always up to an individual how they want to wear their hair but excuses like the ones mentioned above demonstrate ignorance and self-hate. If you are using any of these excuses as reasons not to embrace your natural tresses please educate yourself and YES your hair will grow.

Happy Growing,


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