February 4, 2009

Artisana Coconut Butter

Okay, so a few months ago I said that I bought Artisana Coconut Butter and how it sounds so delicious, more so than the coconut oil ... why oh why did I think it would be better? I think the word 'butter' caught me. Well, coconut butter is not like shea butter, avocado butter or any other type of carrier oil that is processed into a butter. the butter is gritty and I will not even try to put it in my hair, I feel like it will cut it off with how coarse it is.

I'm storing this for use in smoothies since it has a sweet taste and I have a curry recipe I want to try it in, in place of coconut milk, just a thought don't hold me to it. Let's keep the butter in the kitchen and the oil in my stash:)


Faith said...

Hi, I was doing a search on what people think about Artisana coconut butter- so, have you used it much since this post? I don't need to put it in my hair, just wondering if it is good for me. I do like the sweet taste, have been blending it with cardamom, a bit of raw honey and raisins and making a yummy spread for rice cakes or fresh fruit. Any thoughts? Is this digestible fat?

Nu Kynk said...

Hi Faith,

I haven't used the coconut butter as yet. Honestly I haven't had the time to experiment with it. Coconut butter is a great source of amino acids and potassium. The flesh of the coconut also contains fiber. I was thinking to use it in a lentil recipe to give it a creamy consistancy and distinct taste. Your recipe though sounds delicious, I'll try it soon:) Thanks & hope this helped!